TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×12 “Sanctuary”

Read the reactions to the latest episode of Nikita on The CW.

  • @fizah02 It is beyond me that #Nikita ISN’T as big a show as it should! It’s bloody brilliant!
  • @CAK_15 pretty sure my brother and I are the only two people on this earth that watch #Nikita
  • @Panty_Buns How can anyone sleep after seeing tonight’s #Nikita ? So much suspense and no idea what’s going to happen next.
  • @rogueassassins La la la, hiding in my bubble of positivity. I really enjoyed tonight’s episode and can’t wait for #Nikita to come back on February 3.
  • @thejackalfiles #Nikita… It was like sweeps. But in January. Gosh.
  • @NatlovesTVD Aww Nikita went into mom mode helping Alex up and asking if she was ok #nikita
  • @kathleenshops #Nikita on CW is getting better and better. Congrats to #MaggieQand cast. EXCELLENT SHOW!
  • @Michaela_Twyman #NIKITA omg Amanda is crazy.
  • @MissMichaelaRose Tonight’s #Nikita was soooo good!
  • @ecl_wolf #Nikita cliffhanger exciting
  • @Shazz_Bennett Amanda and Percy gah. Finally they are talking about their feelings. Waited two seasons for this. #Nikita
  • @g2_woadie This was one of the BEST EPISODES OF #NIKITA YET! Counting down the days til Feb 3rd!!
  • @swong1991 gr8 to see the Core 4 working together on #NIKITA
  • @Gaithali Wow what another great #Ep of #Nikita
  • @amsuba Seriously, this show gets better and better! Can’t wait for the next epi!! #Nikita!!
  • @StevieHoong New episode of #Nikita leaves me wanting more
  • @Nikita_Quotes Great ep tonight! 🙂 #Nikita. Cliffhanger is so suspenseful though. I wanna watch the next ep now!
  • @Killer_Love_Ly Tonight’s episode of #Nikita was intense! Man, Percy is not going down without a fight! Can’t wait for next week 🙂
  • @BillyBobRoro This episode of #Nikita is looking like it can go south any second…waiting…

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