‘Fringe’ Photo Recap: “Back to Where You’ve Never Been”

Fringe is back from hiatus! And this week’s episode “Back to Where You’ve Never Been” was full of action, excitement, and homoerotic undertones. In an attempt to break down the rich complexities of Fringe, I’ve boiled it down into a photo recap. I was inspired by the absolutely hilarious Vampire Diaries photo recaps by Price Peterson at TV.com. And thanks to FringeFiles.com for providing all the screen caps. Enjoy!

The opening scene was a blissful dream sequence where Peter was reunited with his Olivia and Walter…

Peter’s dream left him with a renewed sense of urgency regarding his mission home, and an idea of how to get there. Unfortunately, that idea required the help of a rather unwilling Walter…

Naturally, he went to one of his only other acquaintances in this new world to ask for her help getting him back to his rightful timeline.

AltLincoln and Altlivia were all set to investigate the latest Fringe event when they were informed that they were off the case by a very well-armed group of soldiers operating on orders from Walternate.

Then this happened:

Peter, Olivia, and Lincoln initiated phase one of Peter’s Master Plan, which involved Lincoln dressing up as AltLincoln to infiltrate Walternate’s facility in the Altverse.

So AltLincoln and Altlivia took Peter and Lincoln into custody, but they made the mistake of putting them in an SUV with a super sketchy driver who turned out to be not exactly on the up-and-up.

And Peter left poor shell-shocked Lincoln alone with two dead Fringe agents to await the arrival of AltLincoln and Altlivia, while Peter scampered off for the next phase of his ever-evolving Master Plan.

Peter broke into the Bishop home and lurked there until his fake mother came home from shopping…

Unlike everyone else in this timeline, she was actually happy to see Peter and totally believed that he was an incarnation of her dead son.

So Walternate actually wants to help Peter because Peter is the only person he can trust? What is this unlikely new alliance? And how long will it last?

Back at Fringe Division HQ, Altlivia and AltLincoln were discussing the most recent developments and what they were going to do with Lincoln, who was presumably still locked in a maintenance closet somewhere.

Oh snap! David Robert Jones is back! And he is up to no good.

Olivia was still taking a nap in the opera house, waiting for Peter and Lincoln to come back from the Altverse when she got a surprising visit from The Observer.

Phew! What an episode! I’m pretty sure I understand about 60% of what just happened. I was a little distracted by my various daydreams involving both Lincoln Lees. You can read my full (written) recap of “Back to Where You’ve Never Been” at TheTelevixen.com. What did you guys think? Is Walternate really as un-evil as he appears to be? How serious was The Observer about the whole “Olivia-dies-in-every-timeline” thing? How old do you think Elizabeth Bishop was when she had Peter? Please share with me all your thoughts, either in the comments section below, or tweet me @PopCultureNexus.



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  1. I don’t know, but I was way too fucking distracted by Elizabeth and Peter making wholly inappropriate yet strangely hot googlies at each other. If this show were on cable, they would totally have been playing Mommy Dearest before the episode was done.

  2. I cant breathe I am laughing so hard. Oh. My. Gosh. Someone help me xD please make more of these for upcoming fringe episodes! I shared it on twitter and so many people love it!

  3. I just want to reiterate Kayla’s comment above: Please please do more of these. This was so funny I had tears in my eyes the entire time I was reading it.

  4. LMAO, I can’t breathe lol

    Pleaseeeeeeeeee, you need to do this with every Fringe episode, I can’t live without this anymore

  5. Hahaha this is hilarious!! I always love it when people do these but this one is just awesome. The ‘respect’ is my favourite one <3!

  6. This is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in at least the past 2 weeks. I am still dying. Yes, please do more recaps like this. Going to tweet this out now…

  7. hilarioius!! I love it! Love Fringe!!!

  8. Absolutely love it. Very very funny.

  9. I laughed so hard I woke my roommate up at “Hey u guys have a lot of blimps.”

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