Meryl Streep wins Golden Globe

Meryl swears, leaves glasses at table, and is signaled to wrap up. Read the tweets following Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe win.

  • @TheEllenShow I knew it! Congratulations Meryl Streep. Your performance was brilliant. #GoldenGlobes
  • @tvgoodness Um. I love Meryl Streep. Her speech is genius. #goldenglobes
  • @amysbp I love how when they try and music her off the stage she blows off the music. #noonemesseswithMeryl
  • @TVDoneWright No music can stop the madness that is Meryl Streep.#GoldenGlobes
  • @poniewozik Prefer if Streep would no longer give speeches, simply hurl award deep into audience and strut off. #Globes
  • @televisionary Tilda Swinton’s hair is the “weird exotic bird” referenced in Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech. #goldenglobes
  • @ThisJessicaRae I’m so happy for Meryl Streep. Yaaaay. #GoldenGlobes
  • @Movieline Goddamit Fincher, take Meryl her f****** reading glasses already!#goldenglobes
  • @Movieline Meryl Streep FTW! She is SOOOO shocked! (Nobody else is)#goldenglobes
  • @ana_br Meryl Streep, ladies and gentlemen… messing up names and thanking random people… #GoldenGlobes
  • @BaffledAddict I love Meryl Streep but is she drunk? #goldenglobes
  • @PerezHilton On a scale of 1 to 10, Meryl is about an 8 drunk tonight! She usually gets VERY sauced at the Globes – and I love it!!! #GoldenGlobes
  • @TVDoneWright The crowd really sucks at bringing shit to the stage. Meryl can’t see!!! #GoldenGlobes
  • @TVWithoutPity This Streep speech is so bad, we miss Poitier. #goldenglobes
  • @LauraPrudom Pfft, such a thrill, until she can ACTUALLY be honored to get an Oscar. (She did act her face off in Iron Lady, though). #goldenglobes
  • @TVWithoutPity Yes, #MerylStreep totally deserves a standing ovation at the#GoldenGlobes. She did cure cancer, end famine, and bring about world peace.
  • @dramakim And we have an Oscar Race on our hands, ladies and gents.#teamviola
  • @piersmorgan You CANNOT cut off Meryl Streep. Outrageous. #GoldenGlobes
  • @KitCouchPotato Don’t even try it! Meryl Streep will act ALL OVER your drown out music #GoldenGlobes
  • @roadtohell They’re playing Meryl Streep off? Really Hollywood Foreign Press? You’re lucky they air your awards at all. #goldenglobes
  • @ditzkoff It’s going to take 99 takes for David Fincher to give Meryl Streep her reading glasses. #globes
  • @michaelianblack Glenn Close is the Jorge Posada to Meryl Streep‘s Derek Jeter.
  • @slyssa If you’re up against meryl streep for an award, you will lose.
  • @Jkelliemarie Still a bit disappointed in the Best Actress category. The playing field is never quite even when Meryl Streep is nominated.

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