TV Twitter Reactions: Modern Family 3×13 “Little Bo Bleep”


Read the reactions on twitter following Wednesday’s episode of Modern Family.

  • @StevenG512 #ModernFamily was funny tonight. #goodtvshow
  • @lamcapri #modernfamily Modern Family was far too funny tonight! I always appreciate the laughter it provides! 😀
  • @jabastidas Best Episode of Modern Family EVER!!! #modernfamily
  • @glitteratieyes Today’s ep of #ModernFamily was one of the FUNNIEST in a long time and that’s saying something b/c I ❤ that show
  • @KatT624 #modernfamily had me rollin tonight! Love that show.
  • @giannabeato One of the best episodes #ModernFamily !
  • @tuffymcg @SteveLevitan Amazing episode tonight…#modernfamily continues to top itself (self?) Each week…thank u thank u thank u…
  • @A_Baker65 @ericstonestreet Tonight’s #modernfamily was the funniest farking episode this fudging year! I laughed my farfignugen ass off!
  • @JHilimire44 The auto tune on #ModernFamily was awesome #BestShowEver
  • @schranknbake when an episode title contains a pun, you know it’s going to be good. #modernfamily
  • @Megs0223 Great #modernfamily tonight. Kids swearing always makes me laugh!!
  • @JMintzz One of the more entertaining episodes of #ModernFamily in a while#lmao
  • @cory1976 Lilly swearing on #modernfamily is slaying tonight.
  • @JasonJonesCO Babys cussing is funny. I agree with Cam on #ModernFamily
  • @iAmMe_Steph I dont care wat anyone says I would want a wedding like that#ModernFamily
  • @CHRUCKD Greatest autotune I have ever seen! Hilarious! #modernfamily #abc
  • @kimmyswimmy this wedding on #modernfamily is cracking me up. and i would totally laugh if my child swore like that.

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