TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×02 “In the Room Where You Sleep”

Read the tweets following Wednesday’s episode of One Tree Hill.

  • @cadlymack Nathan and Haley are seriously failing to raise a child who understands that murderers are bad. #OTH
  • @simply_stacey Why didn’t Chase listen to Nathan’s advice? “If you meet a guy named Chris Keller, punch first, ask questions later.” #OTH
  • @OTHS9Tweets Chuck Sculnik as the next generation’s Chris Keller. Who would’ve thought? #OTH
  • @AnneHillz Omg Chase why did you let Chuck hang with Chris Keller? We do not need another one in the making haha. #OTH
  • @lovenicolexo Brooke, you’re in your mid-20’s. Stop using the term “Daddy”. It’s annoying and definitely shouldn’t be used for the father you have.#OTH
  • @naleymisafan Can we please get a nathan/haley/lydia scene?! #OTH
  • @andi_s13 Millie and Mouth are one of the most boring couples on TV. #oth
  • @WhoSaysOO1 It hurts me seeing Mouth like that #OTH
  • @TVTim191 It’s about time we got a Julian/Alex scene. I missed their friendship.#OTH
  • @Julie81589 Chase and Alex are so pointless. I’m glad this is Alex’s last episode. I wish Clay and Quinn would go away and never come back too. lol#OTH
  • @rdmx33 this episode went by so quickly and I feel like not much happened..#oth
  • @samponto Alex and Chris Keller pisss me off so much. I really just dont like them. At all. #onetreehill
  • @brespreee #OneTreeHill makes for the perfect ending to a Wednesday night.

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