‘Fringe’ Photo Recap: “Enemy of My Enemy”

This week’s Fringe may not have been the action-packed Bruce Willis movie of an episode that last week’s was, but it did feature some much-needed character development, and the greatest news since we found out there were two Lincoln Lees: AltLivia finally dumped Frank! Thank God. Now we can finally see some more of this. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s review “Enemy of My Enemy”…After finding out that AltBroyles is working with David Robert Jones (gasp!) he was up to no good at the start of the episode, scoping out the maintenance closet where Lincoln was being kept, presumably not so he could bring him some tea and crumpets…

As usual, AltLivia and AltLincoln managed to execute their mission while simultaneously undressing each other with their eyes.

Back at the lab, Olivia came by to ask Astrid for some advice regarding her perilous predicament of insubordination (and the missing both her boyfriends thing).

Peter was joyously preparing to leave the Altverse, but Lincoln wanted to stay and help deal with Jones.

Meanwhile, Olivia finally got up the nerve to go tell Broyles that she had lost track of Peter and Lincoln, but before she could confess, the all-knowing Broyles told her that he already knew all about their unsanctioned little mission to the other universe.

Walternate, who seems to actually have a conscience in this timeline, was busy fretting over the prospect of having to release Jones, or face more fatal attacks on hospitals and puppy conventions.

So off they went to tail Jones and see what a day in the life of a homicidal lunatic is like.

After AltBroyles basically aided and abetted his bff Jones’ escape, the team went back to HQ to regroup.

Peter correctly guessed that Jones was after massive amounts of Amphilicite, which he needs for vague evil purposes to be revealed at a later date.

It turned out Jones was being super sly, and had planned all along to harvest his Amphilicite from the same quarry in the other universe. (Whoops.) Which meant another dramatic showdown as Jones crossed over, only this time he unfortunately didn’t die like he did back in season one.

Back at the lab, Walter was happily grooming Gene, probably relieved not to be involved in the dangerous central plot of the episode…

While Walter and Elizabeth were having a heart to heart about life and love and forgiveness and all that stuff that you hear about in Bryan Adams songs, the rest of the gang was doing this:

So on the plus side, Olivia didn’t die (yet), but on the downside, Jones got away. Luckily the whole experience brought everyone together in a very harmonious we’re-all-in-this-together way. (Except for AltBroyles, who is still seeming pretty sketchy.)

Olivia, who apparently doesn’t need to sleep (probably because she slept for like twelve hours when Nina knocked her out with her weird serum), wanted to get started right away on learning everything about David Robert Jones from Peter.

Back at Peter’s new pad, he heard a knock on his door, which I’m sure he assumed was Lincoln responding to his booty call. But he was surprised to find someone else standing on his doorstep late at night.

At this point, I had to go get a box of tissues because even in other timelines, Walter and Peter’s relationship always gets to me. Meanwhile, in a sewer somewhere, Jones was bragging about his recent victory.

TWIST! Nina is evil! Oh wait, we totally already suspected that. So not as shocking an ending, but still. WHAT IS OLIVIA ALMOST READY FOR? (I’m guessing it’s not the Miss America Pageant.) This show gets crazier by the minute. Who knows what insanity next week will bring? (But I hope it involves Lincoln losing his shirt.)

As always, thank you to Price Peterson at TV.com, who inspired me with his fabulous Vampire Diaries photo recaps, and to FringeFiles.com for providing all the screen caps. And thank you for reading!



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  1. you’re genius! please recap every episode, it was bloody brilliant!

  2. this is hilarious!

  3. I would kill to see recaps like this in Fringe season 1,2 and 3! Please, I would love you forever

    • Thanks! It means so much to get all this positive feedback. I would love to go back to seasons 1, 2, & 3 and do photo recaps when I have time. They’re so much fun to do! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. This is brilliant, and sooo funny!! Please keep doing these recaps!!

  5. Brilliant! It casts a hilarous new light on the episode….. Don’t let it!

  6. Absolutely brilliant and hilarious!! 😀

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