TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×03 “Love the Way You Lie”

Read what folks said following Wednesday’s episode of One Tree Hill.

  • @teomichelle soooo much happened in #oth tonight. what is Mark thinking?!
  • @laingeri You know who I wish would come back in Season 9? Glenda. Like what happened to her? #oth
  • @maryygo omgosh @RealOneTreeHill #OTH what a cliff hanger!!!
  • @preetioooos OMG #OTH ending was sooo heartbreaking
  • @MaragarettH I just want to know what happened to Davis. #OTH
  • @dirishprincess One Tree Hill ending made my heart stop!!! #OTH #OneTreeHill
  • @dirrtytweets The last minute of that episode literally gave me chills. #OTH
  • @SoniaSCMedina Chris Keller cant cook on #OTH
  • @cairo23 GREAT episode but i’m totally hating julian right now & i’m thinking brooke is gunna feel the same #OTH
  • @lauramilz I am in utter shock #OTH … But why!!! #omg
  • @Schmeg i just watched tonights episode of #oth and all i have to say is OMFG that ending is OMG!!!! i hope it turns out good!
  • @alyssawilkers0n Brooke’s dad rubs me the wrong way. #oth
  • @SHimSoo Please don’t tell me that was @DaphneZuniga‘s last scene/appearance on #OTH!
  • @jmhorn oh #OTH i had 2 watch you again just to make sure that ending was real! Way to raise the stakes on your last season.
  • @93Roses How is Julian gonna explain that one to brooke?! Holy crap! #OTH
  • @samfeal Literally feel sick at the way that episode of #onetreehill ended 😦 #wtf
  • @DanyHuston I can’t even express how insane it was watching #OneTreeHill. Man, this season is very dark. I never even saw that ending coming 😦
  • @fisherwood12 You know a show is good when the last minute makes your jaw drop. #OneTreeHill #OneLastTime
  • @GJONES918 #onetreehill why are you torturing me? What happened to baby Davis?
  • @taylorleighgray #OneTreeHill how can you leave me hanging like that?!
  • @TheWritingKat WHAT IS GOING ON!!! Serious Julian??? Is Clay schizo??? Go Haley! Ahh so much!! #OneTreeHill
  • @mo_JOE_marino O.M.G…that #OneTreeHill was nutsssssssssss! I love this show!

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