Tweets about Meryl Streep at the SAG Awards

From the red carpet to the category announcement, read what folks on Twitter had to say about Meryl Streep.

  • @JarettSays “Are you friends with Brad & Angelina?” -Guiliana to Meryl effing Streep!!! Someone stop this woman #SAGAwards
  • @heroine_tv I just feel like Meryl Streep shouldn’t have to put up with this. I mean, she’s Meryl Streep. #SAGAwards
  • @rilaws Watching Meryl Streep talk to Giuliana Rancic is like watching a crystal champagne flute talk to a sippy cup.
  • @FabSugar Ugh, I love Meryl Streep and her pockets!
  • @FamousCaleb Holy s#@tMeryl Streep‘s Jedi! #sagawards
  • @Potasnik Why is Meryl Streep wearing my workout belt on the #SAGawards?
  • @JesDamato Armie Hammer photo bombing Meryl Streep #priceless
  • @Sarah_Cooper14 All in all, it was a good show. And Armie Hammer’s photo bomb of Meryl Streep made it an AMAZING show. #SAGawards
  • @abbieclaudette Can’t believe Meryl Streep didn’t win #sagawards
  • @beasharif Loved Viola Davis in The Help,but Meryl Streep‘s performance in Iron Lady truly is on another level.Hoping Meryl will get Oscar!#sagawards
  • @NicoleROman767 Well, we all know where Meryl Streep is now (getting really, extremely drunk)
  • @katemcp92 Guys, I liked The Help as much as the next person, but give MerylStreep the Oscar. #better #moreawesome #pure-talent
  • @LiivviiLeiigh #SAGUPSET I demand a recount! Meryl Streep should’ve won that one hands down!
  • @elizmeyer Meryl Streep, I love you. Can’t say the same about your wardrobe choices for award shows… We forgive you though…You’re that good.
  • @LewisBostock Overjoyed that Viola Davis won #SAGawards over Meryl Streep. This has to repeat at the #Oscars.
  • @agoraphobeblog Viola DAvis just beat out Meryl Streep YAAAAAAY!
  • @motatertot Can I be the third wheel in Meryl Streep and Viola Davis’s friendship? #cuzitsperfect
  • @HollisticToast I love that Meryl Streep looked like a Jedi Knight at the SAG awards.

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