‘FRINGE’ Photo Recap: “Forced Perspective”

Olivia & Lincoln look for clues in the home of the man from a girl's vision of an impending catastrophe.

This was the first episode of Fringe in 2012 to focus only on the primary universe, which is to say, it was significantly lower on the “fun” scale than the previous two eps. But a lackluster episode of Fringe is still more exciting than a season finale of NCIS, so I’m not complaining. (As long as there is at least one Lincoln Lee in every episode, I consider it a fantastic hour of TV.) “Forced Perspective” centered around a girl who has visions of people’s deaths. It featured some disturbing developments on the Nina-is-evil front, and an unintentionally hilarious scene in which Lincoln crouched in a corner of the suspect’s apartment while sorting through papers on the floor. Let’s get the ball rolling on the photo breakdown of this week’s episode.

Olivia looked into the Observer archives to try to find out some more about her snappily dressed bald friend. (And by “friend” I mean “harbinger of death.”) Turns out Observers are like Forrest Gump in that they’re all over the place throughout history.

In related news, this girl sees people’s deaths before they happen. So my question is, how is she not like an über-goth? I mean, it’s hard enough being a teenager. If you had visions of death, would you really be as seemingly well adjusted as this girl? Just saying.

Broyles took a sudden interest in Olivia’s medical records, asking her why she’d gone to Health Services. She told him about her head-splitting migraines and her fun new pill addiction.

So Lincoln and Olivia went off to invade the privacy of some nice family in the hopes of discovering how their daughter is able to predict people’s deaths.

So they hooked up Walter’s handy-dandy Christmas hypnosis machine (which looks like something from a dentist’s office) and Peter helped Walter guide Emily through her traumatizing vision as she was forced to relive it. (Seriously, this girl is going to need so much therapy.)

Aha! Looks like the target is a courthouse. Score one for hypnosis and child testing.

Is it just me, or was Lincoln particularly hard-core this week? I guess his Altverse doppelgänger rubbed off on him a bit. (Or did the Lincolns switch places, Olsen twins style?) Lincoln was the first to volunteer to go bomb-hunting in the underground garage of the courthouse. Apparently New Lincoln is a danger junkie.

Having successfully averted death and saved a courthouse full of people, Olivia and Lincoln were flying high as they walked in unison back to the SUV (no doubt thinking about their evening plans of watching the Science Channel and playing strip Monopoly).

They found Emily on her favorite park bench, looking very Bella Swan circa New Moon. Olivia tried to tell her that her visions aren’t set in stone, but Emily wasn’t buying it.

Okay, writers, we get it. Sometimes predictions of death are unavoidable, and sometimes fates can be changed. Did you really have to kill off a teenage girl to make that point? Harsh. But it’s nice to know that Olivia may or may not die. Speaking of Olivia’s maybe-death, she got an impromptu lesson in Observer 101 from Peter.

Peter’s pep talk was lacking, to say the least. He pretty much unknowingly told Olivia that yes, she’s going to die. Everyone is so oblivious in this timeline, geez.

After Nina’s earlier fight with Olivia, she dropped by Olivia’s apartment so they could make up, and so Nina could continue her façade as someone who actually cares about Olivia.

Meanwhile, outside…

It was kind of a depressing episode, and if you ask me, there wasn’t enough of Peter and Lincoln’s epic love story included in the hour. But it was nice to see Olivia confront her fate, and it seems like the weird drug treatment thing might be coming to a head(ache) soon. Poor Olivia. She’s just not having a good month. I can’t tell if Nina has always been secretly evil, or if she was replaced by an evil shapeshifter at some point in recent history. Who is this new Observer friend creeping outside Olivia’s apartment? Is he there to make sure Olivia dies, or is he trying to help/warn/save her? Or is he just bored and hoping to catch a glimpse of Olivia’s ever-evolving love life? Which I’m sure would be more interesting if she wasn’t suffering from crippling headaches. Way to ruin everything, Nina.

Once again, thanks to Price Peterson, whose hilarious photo recaps of The Vampire Diaries on TV.com inspired me to do the same for Fringe. Thanks to FringeFiles.com for providing screen caps of the episode. And thanks for reading, fellow Fringe fans!



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  1. Thank you. Its very funny. I hope you continue doing them 🙂

  2. ha ha ha love this. The One tree hill joke made me laugh out loud 😀

  3. This makes my week every week. LOVE IT.

  4. This is the first thing I look for after every ep airs, I look forward to it that much. Brilliant!

  5. *giggle*

    N*Sync concert. Awkward sexual tension. Skymall. Boyfriend into Chuck Norris — yes, those are my favourites.

  6. Every episode you do an awesome job!! LMAO here

  7. One question, do you really like our Lincoln Lee or are you being sarcastic? Because I think he’s so boring lol

    • I actually do like him, even though he’s kind of boring compared to AltLincoln. I think the contrast between the two of them is why I like even nerdy Lincoln. Or just the fact that I think Seth Gabel is adorable 🙂

  8. I love these. They crack me up.

  9. Best Fringe blog ever.

    Never stop!!

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