TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×04 “Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt?”

One Tree Hill fans were busy tweeting their reactions following the new episode on Wednesday night. Beware of spoilers below.

  • @AndySwift My favorite #OTH moments are the ones where Dan Scott tries to drown people in the sea. #repeatoffender
  • @ambervjudd Omg #OTH keeps leaving me with chills. Hurry up next week!!!!!!
  • @BrookeBeets Oh my god my heart is breaking #OTH I’m dying here
  • @KarilnWonderlnd People might not like the storylines, but #OneTreeHill is a great example of storytelling (from every aspect) at it’s best. #OTH
  • @Settle238 Woah! #OTH This one had everything! Babies left in a car, guns, drowning, mental hospital, girl fight, and a missing husband! #rolltide
  • @RachelLindy #oth what is going on this season! so rediculously intense. Did the drug dealer kidnap nathan?
  • @DanyEricS Grandpa Dan is the Man! #OTH
  • @veronicahubs I wish my life were an episode of One Tree Hill #obsessed #OTH
  • @_Lisaforever Got tears in my eyes. This showw<3 #oth
  • @stacey_kinney SERIOUSLY #OTH .. SERIOUSLY????#icantwaitanotherweekforthat
  • @waysour21 Omyyygodddd!!! What’s gonna happen to Nathan?! Can’t wait til next week!!! #OTH
  • @kmmaliman #oth you kill me every time! #loveit
  • @sarahannel428 Just watched tonights new #OTH balling my eyes out #OTHS9
  • @lindsayannnn woah…One Tree Hill are you TRYING to kill me? This really isn’t funny but it was an AMAZING episode! #oth #wowimpressed
  • @MeredithKBT I like Quinn & Clay but their scenes are my least favorite for some reason. #OTH
  • @ohsnapjessica I may lose cool points for saying this but, let’s just take it slow #OTH
  • @thatmarsgirl Quinn is so damn stupid. #oth
  • @amanyk_ ummm wtf just happened?! #oth
  • @JenStopp So, why is #OTH all super emo this season??
  • @ali_lauren14 Aww Julian and Haley’s conversation and she tells him how Jamie almost drowned #OTH
  • @TheStarCreek Definitely not liking this Tara girl!!! #OTH
  • @AnitaHugPlease What the hell is happening on #OTH I’m getting freaking ulcers!
  • @deenawinchester I swear the #OTH writers are trying to give me a heart attack. This season is so intense.
  • @simply_stacey this story line is horrible. hasn’t Naley gone thru enough? my heart is breaking, actually I take that back, it’s broken. #OneTreeHill
  • @diva_chante Damn #onetreehill its getting pretty intense!

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