‘FRINGE’ Photo Recap: “Making Angels”

Paging Jasika Nicole to the Emmy desk. I thought I couldn’t possibly be more disgruntled about the lack of Emmy love for this show, but after seeing Jasika Nicole’s performances as both Astrids in this week’s episode, I’m already preparing my rage-filled diatribe for when she is inevitably overlooked come Emmy season, just as her costars have been for the past three seasons. She was so great in this episode that I didn’t even mind that Lincoln Lee was hardly in it at all. Let’s break it down through another highly analytical photo recap.

Previously on Fringe:

This week’s episode started off with a forlorn looking guy getting some bad news.

Another episode about people who predict death? I guess we have a theme for this season. (See also: mommy issues.)

Then our surprising central character for this week made her dramatic entrance…

Finally! Some much-deserved screen time for AltAstrid, and two fantastic performances from Jasika Nicole.

Over in the Altverse, we got a quick glimpse of AltLincoln when Colonel Broyles explained that AltAstrid had gone AWOL. Sadly, this was the only bit of either Lincoln we saw during this episode, since our Lincoln was off celebrating his goddaughter’s birthday.

Over at the lab, Walter was taking a break from his snacking to briefly contemplate how to get Peter back to his timeline.

Speaking of daddy issues…

Our Astrid was not quite as calm about the arrival of her doppelgänger. She reacted how you would assume someone would react if they came face to face with another version of themselves from an alternate universe.

Walter was having some trouble identifying the cause of death for Mr. Melanoma.

So yeah, Walter still resents AltLivia for her subterfuge. (And just think—she didn’t even seduce his son in this timeline.)

This lady was just minding her own business, buying gin and then throwing it in a garbage can, when sketchy guy came up to her and started telling her all about her super sad future and eventual death.

Back at the lab, Peter was continuing his streak of doing everything possible to piss off Walter, including taking the lead on the autopsy. Walter was like, “aw hell no,” and kindly suggested that Peter instead go tend to his lab tools and leave the real science to the pros.

Then we met Victim #3, who was having what sounded like a typical self-involved douchebag conversation. This guy definitely won’t be missed (and Captain Flashy Thing told him as much).

Alt-Astrid figured out that the killer is a TSA agent (those guys really need to get a better PR person), but when Peter and Olivia tracked him down at the airport, he made a break for it past security, which of course wouldn’t let Peter and Olivia through without boarding passes (or with their loaded guns).

Next, Peter and Olivia went to check out Mr. Grim Reaper’s former place of employment, a little university called MIT. Turns out the guy was actually a total genius. Hmm…a brilliant scientist who lost his marbles after making a groundbreaking discovery about the nature of time and space…. Who does that sound like? Anyway, Peter and Olivia talked to one of Neil’s former colleagues, who I’m pretty sure was Keanu Reeves in a wig.

Seriously though. How perfectly does Keanu Reeves fit into the world of Fringe? His most iconic role involved having to choose between taking a red pill or a blue pill (hello different universes!), and he starred in The Lake House, a movie about a house on a lake that existed in two time periods, through which two people from different times fell in love. Let’s face it: Fringe is basically a mash-up of The Matrix and The Lake House. And did I mention Reeves is in an upcoming movie called 47 Ronin? The number 47 is a recurring theme on Fringe (and any J.J. Abrams show), as we saw this week with Neil’s badge number (0047) and the seat number of Victim #3 (47A). Time travel was also featured in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I feel pretty confident in saying that Keanu Reeves is actually the key to all the mysteries of Fringe.

Neil wasn’t home, but lucky for them, he had left a typical crazy person wall mosaic explaining his history and motives.

In a related story, AltAstrid was trying to work through her emotions regarding her father’s death, including the fact that she felt she had disappointed him by being different.

Poor AltAstrid… Her emotional scenes were heartbreaking. But it was interesting to see a pair of doppelgängers actually supporting each other instead of just being rivals à la Olivia/AltLivia and Walter/Walternate.

Neil was having his own parental issues when he confronted his mother about what he heard her say the night his twin brother died.

Walter, meanwhile, was bidding farewell to his new favorite lab partner/surrogate child before she headed back to the Altverse.

Desperate to prove to Walter that she wasn’t a soulless harlot, AltLivia presented him with a tasty treat from her “spy paraphernalia.” (This girl really knows the way to Walter’s heart.)

After the Red Team went back to their universe, Astrid went home to her father, who was most definitely not the reserved, standoffish man-without-emotion that she told AltAstrid he was. Well played, Astrid!

Uh oh! Somebody’s in trouble with the head Observer. For what it’s worth, I’m grateful to September for defying orders and bringing Peter back. Now if he could bring everyone from the original timeline to this one, then we’d have a party. What I learned from this episode is that parents not loving their children enough is the root of 94% of emotional issues. (If you need proof, just watch Lost.)

As always, thank you to FringeFiles.com for providing the screen caps of this episode, and thanks to TV.com’s brilliant Price Peterson, whose hilarious Vampire Diaries photo recaps were the inspiration for my own. And thanks for reading!



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  1. These are honestly the greatest things ever. Please, please, please, PLEASE don’t stop making them!!!

  2. I look forward to these every week!!! Thanks for doing these recaps!

  3. I somehow only just discovered these, but they’re hilarious! Thanks for making them. I can’t wait for next week’s! *^_^*

  4. Thank you and please continue to make them. Such a funny way to read about fringe.,,

  5. Love this recaps 😀

  6. I would like to cosign your Keanu Reeves thesis. (And I love the recaps!)

  7. I love your recaps. are you going to do one for Welcome To Westfield? it was the best episode of the season! and do you deslike Peter or you’re just joking?

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