Ringer Photo Recap: “It Just Got Normal”

Photo by Art Streiber 2011 cwtv.com

The CW’s Tuesday melodrama returned last week with new episodes, so strap on that seatbelt and great ready for another sinuous ride.
Real Siobhan is back in New York and ready to cause trouble in Bridget’s life. She has her eyes set on Andrew’s money and Henry’s body. Meanwhile, Bridget pretending to be Siobhan continues to play house with Andrew and Bridget, even volunteering to organize an auction for Juliet’s school. A new character is introduced with the auction storyline and seems to know the details on Siobhan’s dirty secrets. Will she help Bridget discover who is after Siobhan? Or will she share Gemma’s fate? Before this Ringer train derails, let’s analyze last week’s episode with a photo recap.

Photos provided by HomeoftheNutty

The show starts off with a shot of Siobhan’s portrait. Who doesn’t have a poster size self portrait at home?

A new character is introduced and she knows about Siobhan’s affair.

Later, at the Martin penthouse, Andrew continues to be delighted with Siobhan’s (really Bridget) new attitude.

Jason Dohring returns to our television screens.

Tyler, the real Siobhan’s boy toy, helps her steal financial records from Andrew.

Real Siobhan sees Henry for the first time since returning from Paris, and he continues to be clueless.

Real Siobhan sneaks into the Martin penthouse unnoticed. Didn’t the doorman think it was weird seeing two women who look alike enter the building?

The Martins host an auction to benefit Juliet’s new school.

A great moment in television history: Buffy sucker punches Logan Echolls.

Agent Machado continues to search for clues.

Real Siobhan visits Henry at his house to “explain” her erratic behavior.

Will real Siobhan tell Henry the truth? Will Henry ever find the perfect balance between exposed neck and fully covered neck? Tune in tomorrow for another  Ringer episode on The CW.



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