TV Twitter Reactions: How I Met Your Mother 7×15 “The Burning Beekeeper”

Did you love/hate Monday’s episode of How I Met Your Mother? Read what others had to say about it on Twitter:

  • @spuffinator What is up with Robin’s awful pants this season? #HIMYM
  • @5States Seems like #HIMYM was going for a bunch of different things this week. And none of them landed. Oh well.
  • @chiefted Yes tonight’s #himym reminded me of the CoCo thing with Oprah and the bees
  • @MissHannaxO628 It might be the rum, but i am SO confused abou thtis episode of#HIMYM
  • @PETowne #himym is on fiya
  • @qzlau How I Met Your Mother’s getting more and more boring this season. Not advancing the stories at all. #himym
  • @la_bavardeuse Ugh. Chris Elliot and Martin Short are ruining How I Met Your Mother. I think the show’s over 😦 #HIMYM
  • @stephanieyoon_ Liked this episode of #HIMYM!
  • @kaushik_lohia Watched #himym with my grandma. She laughed the hardest when#NPH claimed his love for a certain body part. My reaction was more shock…
  • @kellleeee The writing & creativity w the stories & how they’re told still amaze me. #HIMYM
  • @Casablanca33 So so #HIMYM tonight.
  • @JediKnightFox I kinda understand now what @ActuallyNPH meant about the new HIMYM episode being “structural”. Nothing really happened#HIMYM.
  • @Supersam72669 This episode is cray cray!! #HIMYM
  • @arcticllama Tonight’s #HIMYM was terrible. No laughs. When are they going to figure out Mickey is not funny?
  • @jillcampbell913 Marshall’s deadpan reaction to the house o bees = best moment of tv #HIMYM
  • @ty_munny Omg #himym best episode this season by far! There is no better show
  • @curlyrunnerbug ok #HIMYM I’m tryin to follow along, but your making it a little tough tonight.

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