‘Happy Endings’: If I’d Known James Wolk Would Be Kissing a Man, I Would Have Started Watching Sooner

After resisting ABC’s Friends-esque comedy Happy Endings, it finally won me over this week when I caught the last five minutes of the Valentine’s Day episode, which featured guest star James Wolk (Lone Star). You can read my post about Happy Endings and the rarity of PDA between gay men in network prime time at the Huffington Post.

I’m tempted to go back and watch Happy Endings from the beginning, but I’m afraid my emotional investment in the show will only ensure its swift cancellation. What’s your take, pop culture fans? Did you enjoy the Valentine’s Day episode? Did James Wolk make you miss Lone Star? Leave a comment below, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus!



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  1. Watch it, Happy Endings is hilarious. I don’t think it’s getting cancelled anytime soon, it seems to be a lock for getting picked up for a third season, it’s ABC’s second highest rated comedy after Modern Family.

  2. Yeah I have to agree with Markelley, Happy Endings isn’t quite as good as Modern Family, but it’s seriously entertaining. Unfortunately I’m not helping their ratings much, the timeslot is just too late for me. But there’s a lot of their older episodes on dishonline(dot)com, which is where I’ve watched quite a few of them. It’s a great streaming site set up by my employer, DISH, and a lot of the shows (Happy Endings included, I believe), are available to DISH customers and non-customers alike.

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