TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×14 “Rogue”

"Rogue" - Pictured (l-r): Erica Gimpel as Carla and Maggie Q as Nikita in NIKITA on The CW.

Friday’s episode revealed major information regarding Division’s origins. Read the reactions from fans on Twitter.

  • @nicoleycanoley WOW speechless from #Nikita i actually didn’t see that one coming
  • @DeannaWigney Tonights #Nikita episode was the best so far.
  • @hpnikitalover #Nikita was…oh god, there are no words that can describe how good that last episode was!!!! Just afhfegbxfhjvfgchcrh… SO GOOD!!! 😀
  • @mymindpalace Such an amazing episode of #Nikita – I think it is my fav so far this season 😀
  • @BrushYourTeeth The new dynamic on #Nikita somehow made it better, which I didn’t think was possible. Interesting twist tonight.
  • @MichaelaPerduru by far one of the best episodes of #Nikita
  • @ChosenOne91 Amazing episode of #Nikita tonight!!! Kudos to the writers, cast and crew 😉
  • @nicoleluvsjsean #NIKITA = MIND BLOWN ! ❤
  • @donnarn94 #Nikita was awesome tonight! Another badass epi! It is in my top two of the Best of Season 2. 🙂
  • @ForeverJemiLove Still loving the Amanda/Alex mother daughter sort of relationship.#Nikita
  • @martinspired #Nikita is the BEST show on TV….Bottom Line
  • @xMikitaForever #Nikita 3 words: Mindblowing! Brilliant! Thrilling!
  • @Deanay4Mike Another excellent ep of #Nikita@MaggieQ is amazing. The range she has is awesome. From action to drama to humor. Nikita rocks!
  • @webb_amy WOW!!!!! My jaw DROPPED at the end!!!! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!!! #Nikita
  • @justbornawesome Omg #Nikita was amazing today! This show doesn’t get the recognition it deserves!
  • @TheFranTran Ayoooooooooooooo! Meeting the Maker. #Nikita
  • @HandKSpeak they should start every episode of #Nikita with Michael/Nikita sparring
  • @PageLalonde #nikita is so good at making cliffhangers. Damn i need to know what happens next!!!!!
  • @Hayley_Plummer #Nikita wow what a confession…bring on next Friday!
  • @mtheaterpimp Tonight’s episode of #Nikita was probably THE BEST one of Season 2!!
  • @Nikita4ever WWWWWWTTTTTTTTTFFFFFF #mindblown #Nikita
  • @Joei97 Wow that episode was intense! #Nikita
  • @remeebebez Ohhh maa goddddd, that episode was crazy good! #Nikita
  • @ayraDG my god !! #nikita episode tonight is INTENSE !! can’t wait for the next episode !! whooo !! CARLA BENNETT rocks !!
  • @AuthenticChris Welp I didn’t see that coming #Nikita
  • @macattack111 the writers for #Nikita deserve a round of applause – the crazy twists they keep concocting are legit. and the cast deserves a round too.

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