TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 4×12 “Welcome to Westfield”

Read the reactions to Friday’s episode (SPOILERS below!). Don’t forget to visit the site for Louise’s Fringe Photo Recap.

  • @KatieKat_13 Omg, the screams that escaped my mouth… :0 #fringe#BreakingOut
  • @Prettycatchy Covered my eyes through a good chunk of tonight’s #Fringeepisode. To me, there was a lot of blood and it was kind of scary. >.<
  • @OraclePisces #fringe is epic!
  • @NatalieReis Ok, I’m going to sleep and have sweets dreams with #Fringe, or nasty ones, right Olivia? LOL
  • @kjeannefos one for you, one for you…four for you #fringe ! you go #fringe ! accolades accolades accolades from me to you
  • @AnnaTorvDotNet Oh what, she remembers about Edina? #Breaking Out #Fringe#FREAKINGOUT
  • @maTEEhari Omg! MaTEEhari reference on #fringe! Love this show!!!!
  • @alwaysMIKAYLAH …so… I think it’s safe to say that Olivia’s dreams are waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Peter’s. #Fringe #WelcomeToWestfield
  • @Jessskeeee That episode of #Fringe was so good. And that ending o m g.
  • @crazyisgood4792 Oooooo good episode of #Fringe too tonight, interesting ending and promo sounds good for the next episode
  • @PaddyK #Fringe Did NO ONE ELSE see 2 Peters on the bus? One in the front driving & one in the back that killed the mutant? Olivia saw but whiffed.
  • @bxbaby8827 I hope the show #Fringe doesn’t get cancelled. I love this show!!!!!
  • @dahne1 Woah! What’s going on here? Olivia just kissed Peter. Awesome and yet scary because it’s going to go wrong quickly. #Fringe
  • @BryanWorthy Amazing episode of #Fringe tonight.
  • @tweetsofpete Tonight’s episode of #Fringe kicked ass! Very Twilight Zone & X-Files-esque #BreakingOut
  • @askdrding Um. Anyone else fighting off an imminent psychotic break from watching Fringe right now? Anyone? Bueller? #Fringe
  • @mkieps Best #Fringe in a while. I hope the rest of the season is like this.
  • @lostdogs20 I knew it, it’s merging together. #Fringe
  • @Karalainee Wait! WHAT? Do we have “our” Olivia back? #Fringe
  • @thetelevixen That episode of #Fringe was oh my gosh great!
  • @MissRads Oh my god, does Olivia remember Peter?? Tell me it’s finally happening or…?? #fringe
  • @miaborders Whoa. #fringe just blew my mind.

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