‘FRINGE’ Photo Recap: “Welcome to Westfield”

You know how you can tell that this was a fantastic episode of Fringe? Because Lincoln Lee wasn’t in it at all, and it didn’t even occur to me until the very end of the episode. “Welcome to Westfield” was like a throwback to classic Fringe, with the core three characters together on a potentially deadly adventure, which started out as a quest for a dessert item. Between Walter’s renewed passion for food, and Olivia’s flashes of memories from what seems to be the original timeline, it was almost like the real team was back together! Let’s go over some of the finer points of this week’s episode, in which the opening scene alone was enough to make it one of my favorite episodes of the season…

Seriously, how beautiful was that scene? It was like the writers said, “You know what? This has been a really hard season for Polivia fans. Let’s reward them for their devoted viewership.” And then they created this gorgeously lit scene that reminded me of the love scene from Pearl Harbor with Josh Hartnett and the billowing sheets, only bluer. While I would have been perfectly content to watch this scene go on for the rest of the episode, Olivia awoke abruptly to the sound of her phone.

Meanwhile, in Vermont, syrup was being made, and gay people were getting married. Also, this happened.

Peter was surveying the rest of the restaurant when he noted a rather alarming sound, like that of a man who’d been beaten slowly bleeding to death, coming from the back room.

While Peter was becoming aware of the extreme sketchiness of their situation, Walter was coming to same realization as Crazy Eyes the diner owner’s split personality started to show.

Meanwhile, this guy was having the worst day ever. Lucky for him, Walter has an uncanny ability to find any rhubarb pie within a thirty-mile radius. If he’d been bleeding to death in a hardware store or something, he probably would’ve died.

I’m assuming they took the rest of the rhubarb pie to go. (Why let a perfectly good pie go to waste?) They loaded Bleedy McBleederson into their spacious Nissan SUV and went to find the nearest hospital.

Once they realized they couldn’t leave Westfield, they did their best to bandage up Cliff (yes, that’s his real name), and got their bearings. The team came up with a plan to gather supplies and then head to the high school where the remaining sane people were holed up.

Olivia started to show signs that she was having memories from another universe or another timeline, which could be bad in the sense that she might end up dead like the others; but it could be good in the sense that OriginOlivia is awesome, so the more of her memories and mannerisms this one acquires, the better.

Peter and Walter did some fancy math and figured out where the “eye of the storm” would be, or the point at which the forces from the two universes would cancel each other out… Or something. (Don’t look at me; I’m not a scientist.)

Once everyone was safely inside the bike store, they waited out the collision of worlds outside of harm’s way. Except for the fact that Walter apparently wasn’t paying attention the day they went over tornado safety in school, because he didn’t remember that you’re supposed to stay away from windows, which have a tendency to do this:

Once the dust had settled (since dust was pretty much all that was left of Westfield, aside from the bike store), the cavalry showed up.

Walter was in a surprisingly great mood after his near-death experience in pursuit of rhubarb pie. Clearly he was starting to grow attached to his fake son. Nothing says “I love you” like French breakfast food.

Holy mindmeld, Batman! What just happened?! Is this Olivia becoming our Olivia? Because that would be AWESOME. But if it wasn’t related to what happened in Westfield, how is it happening? Is it Nina’s sketchy serums? Was David Robert Jones involved, as he seems to have been with the whole Westfield incident? I have no idea what’s happening, and I don’t even care! Feel free to freak out with me and share any theories—legitimate or ridiculous—with me in the comments section! Or better yet, tweet me @PopCultureNexus.

As always, thank you to FringeFiles.com for providing the screen caps of this episode, and thanks to TV.com’s brilliant Price Peterson, whose hilarious Vampire Diaries photo recaps were the inspiration for my own. And thanks for reading!



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  1. DYING OF LAUGHTER. I look forward to these posts every week! Keep up the hilarity & know you’ve got tons of fans on tumblr who crack the fuck up every time you post one of these.

  2. Favorite bit: Broyles late because of playing WORDS WITH FRIENDS. Ah. These are so funny.

  3. These are so awesome, thank you! Love them and look forward to them each week.

  4. THX. Really Well done!! Freaking hilarious!!

  5. BAHAHAHA! this was hilarious, seriously! you get better and better every week! I think the Olivia remembering thing has to do with Nina giving her Cortexiphan (it’s Cortexiphan, btw, if you pause that scene and zoom at the recipient, it’s writen Cortexiphan)

  6. “While I would have been perfectly content to watch this scene go on for the rest of the episode, Olivia awoke abruptly to the sound of her phone.”
    You speak for many. Hilariously.

    BlueOlivia was activated by love and fear. AmberOlivia was pretty unemotional; perhaps Nina’s “headache meds” were aphrodisiacs and Westfield provided fear. But instead of AmberOlivia being activated she let BlueOlivia bleed through?

    Who knows. It’s a great ride.

  7. Loved loved loved the comments! Seriously makes my day!!! Great work once again

  8. This one is the best that you made! I love it, thank you so much! Not just the caps but the text about Polivia, it was beautiful! I hope so much that when Fringe is on hiatus you made some with previous episodes.

    Thanks you thank you thank you

  9. Goddess! Will you go back and do Seasons 1-3? 😉

  10. This is hilarious, I’ve just found your recaps and I’m dying of laughter…. Love the part when Peter’s like: I wish Lincoln was here… 🙂 🙂 And when Olivia’s like: I’ll come right away, just let me take a cold shower first… 🙂 I shall recommend this blog to my friends, keep up the good work. Would love to see all the episodes from seasons 1-3 photo recapped as well though… 🙂

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