‘Survivor: One World’ Premiere: Boys Rule, Girls Drool

Troyzan, Matt (AKA Fake Brad Womack), & Jay carry large sticks around in the premiere of 'Survivor: One World'

Survivor is back! Life is good, you guys. Except for the fact that everyone on this season seems to be either dumb, annoying, or some combination of the two. But the season is young, and there’s still a chance we could unlock some hidden potential within one or more of these idiots. The most intriguing part of this season is, of course, the rather hostile living situation, wherein the tribes (divided into men versus women) share a beach. You know what they’re not sharing? Axes, chickens, and fire. I kind of hate when Survivor divides the tribes into men and women, because it makes everyone act like children. If I wanted to watch children compete against each other and try to survive in the wild, I would’ve watched that show Kid Nation when it aired back in 2007.

You can read my breakdown of the schoolyard gender dynamics of the premiere of Survivor: One World over at HuffPost TV. What did you think of the premiere, fellow Survivor fans? Did anyone stand out as an early favorite? Did the guys make the right call on the immunity challenge? Do they even try to hide the immunity idol anymore? Leave a comment below, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus!



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