TV Twitter Reactions: 30 Rock 6×07 “The Tuxedo Begins”

Read the reactions to Thursday’s episode which featured Will Forte and Steve Buscemi.
  • @johnscleary Perfectly executed chewbacca sounds!! #30rock
  • @alekacasey #30Rock is in the house toniggght.#LMFAOsongsmadebetterbyNBCshowtitles
  • @25crawches Amazing episode of #30Rock especially Liz Lemon as Joker.#JackDonaghyforMayor
  • @avanveck #30Rock made me literally laugh out loud. What is going on in this crazy world?
  • @MiJenningsNJ Great #30Rock meets “The Dark Knight” tonight. More proof@alecbaldwin would make a great Batman!
  • @mamamoon @alecbaldwin was so enjoyable in tonight’s #30Rock. He should have a billowing cape allll the time!
  • @JduPont Brillz #30Rock episode tonight. Liz Lemon at her craziest.
  • @hollyollyollyol Tonight’s #30Rock was brilliant, as always.
  • @DevilMCare I’m also very close to giving up on #30Rock. Way too much infantile Liz. #cleaningthequeue
  • @Davi_Digi Tonights #30rock was the best episode ever #AndIveSeenThemAll
  • @MarkBrooksArt #30Rock did a Batman/Joker theme tonight! If you don’t watch it, you should turn in your geek card.
  • @BeccaBeccaHunt Best episode of #30Rock yet
  • @lace_one That episode of #30Rock was amazing!!
  • @Storm_Dancer This is the most genius episode of #30Rock ever.
  • @CaitCon Tonight’s #30Rock was seriously a comedic masterpiece
  • @DontKnowBennett One of the most brilliant #30Rock episodes tonight. Couldn’t stop laughing.
  • @micahmathews Tonight’s episode of #30Rock goes down in comic history.
  • @bean4green What the heck was that episode? I freaking loved it but it was sooooo weird. #30Rock
  • @batmanthehorse Anyone else notice #30rock copied stories from #ThisAmericanLifethis week?
  • @adimter Best #30Rock ALL TIME!!!
  • @jrmessinger77 #30Rock is cracking me up tonight! #greatwriting
  • @VamosYankees Tina Fey had me ROFLMAO on #30rock
  • @door_space Tonight’s episode of 30 Rock, ROCKS!!!!!! #30Rock #Awesome#Bestthingever
  • @draindesert The premise for tonight’s #30Rock was inspired. And an appearance by Mr. Met!
  • @brittneecann new episode of #30rock might be the best ever
  • @gametimegal #30Rock That was an epically funny episode of 30 Rock
  • @megsa23 Liz Lemon was out of control awesome tonight #30Rock

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  1. ok, forgive my geekiness, but i cant believe i am the only one that saw this, but wouldnt baldwin have made a better batman than michael keaton? think about it: Tim Burton made Beetljuice before he made batman, he had both Baldwin and Keaton in Beetljuice, why did he go with Keaton over Baldwin?

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