TV Twitter Reactions: Up All Night 1×16 “Travel Day”

Alanis Morissette was the special guest star on Thursday’s new episode of Up All Night. Read the reactions below.

  • @LindsEve83 Regan and Chris nailed taking a baby through an airport #upallnight
  • @mlolohea I love how Ava pronounces jalapenos! #upallnight
  • @carlyjscranton How does it make sense that Alanis Morissette is an excellent actress? #Weeds #UpAllNight
  • @mediagirl77 Watching Maya Rudolph rap/sing on #UpAllNight gets me excited for her hosting SNL this week. #backitupbeepbeep
  • @thatcapricegirl why does every episode of #upallnight feature ava cursing and getting censored? it’s funny sometimes, but not every episode.
  • @JoAteMyHeart I don’t want Kevin & Ava to break up. They are perfect together.#UpAllNight
  • @critical_media #UpAllNight is hilarious, but lets stop it with the hostile, black, woman-behind-the-desk/worker stereotype
  • @Goofyfan_Chuck Alanis and Maya Rudolph — the Simon and Garfunkel of hip-hop?!#UpAllNight
  • @MarniJagger Alanis on #upallnight! Love her…come back to us
  • @KimberleeVDW Aww don’t end Kevin and Ava!! #upallnight
  • @djhak Is there any stereotype about women that this show does not perpetuate? #UpAllNight
  • @chicholmwith2hs #UpAllNight took a real left turn this week: Will Arnett isn’t wearing a V-neck shirt. More as situation develops.
  • @jazzerstylee Lol! Christina was asking people if they wanted some lotion while at the security checkpoint. #UpAllNight
  • @etparker I accidentally started watching #upallnight and it’s so freakin’ funny! Rude travelers up ahead! #NBC
  • @BoleCianco Will Arnett and Christina Applegate are funny people but this show is awful #UpAllNight
  • @_RichTweets Shout out to Dulles International on #UpAllNight
  • @HaleyRosey #upallnight is my new favorite show.

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