TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×15 “Origins”

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Read how fans reacted on Twitter following Friday’s episode of Nikita.

  • @ChosenOne91 Once again, the cast, crew AND writers of #Nikita have done it! Another amazing episode!!! Bravo…
  • @mentojenny #Nikita aksldhfsldafjasdklfj! SEMAK, she told you, son! SHE TOLD YOU.
  • @TransterAndrew #Nikita was good tonight best line was “Put down my hardware, bitch!”
  • @krisy_ Damn, people! You’re making #Nikita even better and better with every episode… I love #Nikita! 🙂
  • @AngeloYellow At this point besides knowing that everyone on Team #Nikita has each others backs I can’t figure out who is playing who on what team anymore
  • @xMysticQueen I hope Nikita kick Carla’s ass back to the street! #Nikita
  • @mzRockinB Phew…Alex saved! Bullet dodged, literally. #Nikita
  • @PatsPrincessLA #Nikita is such a kick ass show, too bad it’s on Friday, the kiss of death for most networks.
  • @JLMadridFederer Heck yeah! Michael! *fist pump* #Nikita
  • @nikitaobsession Alex is so badass. #Nikita trained her well!
  • @space_symphony Amanda is straight-up PSYCHO. #crazybitch #Nikita
  • @cheesybones It’s #Nikita time. Really hope CW renews it because this season has been really good
  • @jaburn72 #Nikita was so … Damn … Good!!!
  • @RubyMoon23 Ari and Amanda? I prefer Amanda and Percy! They´re so evil together But with Ari on the picture, I dont know where they stand now #Nikita
  • @zhuxiaomei95 Harry potter reference on #Nikita tonight made my day 🙂
  • @Dani_TVmusic Another great episode of #Nikita 2night. This season has been so wonderful. Every episode is my new favorite.
  • @EliseRZx #birkhoff is sexy with a gun! #nikita
  • @janis3597 Loved the #nikita episode. Best episode
  • @NikitaAddiction I was jumping out my seat tonight while i was watching #Nikita on
  • @Chelly_Zattera this episode left me breathless! OMG! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AWESOME #Nikita
  • @Biancarod #Nikita was good…kinda confusing like always…
  • @TheRahulParmar I bet Alex and Amanda are related #nikita
  • @Deanay4Mike This show keeps getting better. Was on the edge of my seat the whole time. EPIC episode. One of this season’s best. #Nikita

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