Ringer Photo Recap 1×13 “It’s Easy to Cry When This Much Cash is Involved”

Juliet is a scheme artist and Siobhan crosses paths with Andrew. It was another week of surprises on Ringer. Check out the photo recap of last Tuesday’s episode.

Screencaps from Ringer France.

Bridget meets with Solomon to visit the places Siobhan often went, and discovers her sister’s secret office.

Siobhan fabricates a story of switching lives with her sister to protect Bridget. Of course, Henry believes her.

At the Martin residence, the lawyer preps Juliet for her testimony in court.

Andrew’s business partner, Olivia, bluntly tells Henry she wants Gemma’s father to invest with Martin/Charles.

Bridget’s search takes her to a bookstore/coffee shop where she learns Siobhan never forgave her for what happened to Sean.

Henry arranges to meet with his father-in-law, Tim Arbogast, played by Gregory Harrison.

Now, that Henry has Siobhan back, they make up for lost time.

Tessa confesses to Juliet that she lied about being raped by Mr. Carpenter, which Andrea overhears.

Siobhan returns to the Martin resident to retrieve a key Bridget took from the secret office. Shortly before leaving, Siobhan encounters Andrew.

It was a ploy! Mr. Carpenter, Juliet, and Tessa lied about the rape so that Andrew would settle the defamation suit, awarding the three with millions.

Before she returns to Paris, Siobhan has Henry listen to a recording that will supposedly expose Andrew’s firm of corruption.

Will Henry tell Tim Arbogast to pull out his money? What will Juliet do with her portion of the settlement? Will Andrew lose his firm after Siobhan releases the incriminating evidence against Martin/Charles?

So many questions which only the Ringer writers can answer. Watch an all new episode this week, February 21.



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