TV Twitter Reactions: Castle 4×16 “Linchpin”

Read the reactions from fans following Castle‘s two part episode.

  • @kentuckybelle Best. Two-Parter. Ever. My mind is racing with all that happened. Whoa. #Castle #Linchpin
  • @Cortexi_Fan I CAN’T EVEN!!! #CASTLE
  • @rj_fisher19 Great conclusion to a two part #Castle tonight. It really is one of my favorite shows. Excited for another new one next week.
  • @Laurie14607 OH SUCH AN EPISODE! That could have been a full length movie or novel. So satisfying on so many levels! #CASTLE
  • @MikeDaMac WOW! My mind was just blown by castle 2nite. That episode kept me guessing! #castle
  • @awags24 WOW what an episode #Castle
  • @tjohnson1960 #castle what? Gage is a good guy?
  • @2AmMovieReviews GASP! Tonight’s #Castle was great!!!!! SO much suspense!
  • @dqmwartist Holy cow that was epic!!! Way to go #Castle!! 🙂
  • @tfnmal23 Yo! Now 4 the record I will always love #Castle but MF’s why aren’t we moving fwd w/ a relationship please?
  • @w_snyder_jr good episode of #Castle…nice twists along the way…but geesh will they just do it for #*%$& sake
  • @ACastleOfBones3 Linchpin… EPIC! TOO AMAZING FOR WORDS! #Castle
  • @deliriousguy Oh wow. If you haven’t caught last week’s & tonight’s episodes of#Castle, you totally missed out! Might be my all-time favorite episodes!
  • @mishkalee_t That was nothing short of amaaaazing. #Castle
  • @kelly_wharton #Castle was amazzzing, but for real when are Castle & Beckett gonna just love each other!
  • @minaminokyoko For the record, I knew they weren’t gonna tell any secrets in this episode. They’re gonna wait until the last episode of the season.#Castle
  • @DebMarlowe #Castle rocked it tonight! #linchpin
  • @friendsita That lil Caskett moment at the end. #Castle
  • @skipperjovi How many near death experiences is it gonna take for Castle and Beckett to just get over it and just admit their undying love!? #Castle

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