TV Twitter Reactions: New Girl 1×14 “Bully”

Fans had a lot to say after Tuesday’s New Girl. Read the reactions below.

  • @kris10_loveee LOOOOOOOOVE #NewGirl. It gets better & better. And can I just say Schmidt & CeCe FTW? Because yeahhh. I love them.
  • @OhHeyZee I knew Julia was no good. I’m tearing up now. #NewGirl 😥
  • @ScottTheCritic Good show tonight, @ZooeyDeschanel! A lot of LOL moments.#newgirl
  • @MorganKenyon1 Now that Julia’s gone, It’s time for Jess & Nick to get together! Hurray! #newgirl
  • @NerdHeather Schmidt is somehow the biggest jerk (which I hate) and the funniest character (which I love). #torn #NewGirl
  • @carecumber On the west coast currently watching #NEWGIRLand cracking up. This show makes my t.v. week! Fantabulous job!!! =)
  • @mattchewizcool JULIA NOOOOO!!!! #NewGirl
  • @Pyranice Nick and Julia breakup 😦 #NewGirl well, i ship Nick and Jess so bad
  • @JillianLuvPsych Watching the new epi of #NewGirl am I the only 1 disturbed by Schmidt’s new relationship? Probably.
  • @TamikaPaul I love how random #newgirl is, it’s so funny!!
  • @IL_Diva25 What did he do to the cactus? #NewGirl
  • @MaliciousMal #NEWGIRL on the other hand has been hilarious this evening
  • @shaylehxox #newgirl is thee best show so many LOL moments.
  • @JoshSiegers I love the show #NewGirl. Cried tonight watching it. Any show that makes me feel awkward when watching is one to keep tuning in to!
  • @ErinSopkow How is every new episode of #NEWGIRL better than the last?!#bestshowever
  • @Jennifer_KC @iamgreenfield was beyond hilarious in tonights episode of #newgirl
  • @aRJedi Jess playing a Baby Taylor on New Girl = Awesome #newgirl
  • @danwarnick Seriously, #newgirl is pretty good.

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