TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer 1×14 “Whores Don’t Make That Much”

Photo by Art Streiber 2011

Read what the fans had to say following Tuesday’s Ringer.

  • @AnnieHoney Geez, is anyone not a liar in #Ringer?
  • @kaatybug Man, #ringer is finally getting good.
  • @JENw1n525 Oh. My. God!!! #Ringer on @CW_network is A-DDICT-ING!!! Waiting a whole week is going to kill me!!! And SMG is just FANTASTIC!
  • @Alondrav_v #ringer it would have been better if Juliette was working with Siobhan.
  • @qeeerm The ending of #Ringer wasn’t a total shocker. I figured it out in the beginning of the episode, When the mother wanted Juliet back with her.
  • @lostdogs20 Andrew should have choked Henry with the scarf. #Ringer
  • @MJMcG926 I will say this about tonight’s episode of #Ringer@mishacollinslooks damn good in lumberjack shirts 🙂
  • @TVandDinners That text message conversation was thrilling, #Ringer. Couldn’t pony up the budget for a phone call?
  • @jillbillpill Brainsplosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Ringer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @AndreHarrisonJr Oh my God, I knew that it was the mother! #Ringer
  • @artdumoi Ok. @CW_network So #Ringer 1×14 was like the BEST episode EVER! Mind blown. Sarah Michelle Gellar performance was oscar worthy. Seriously.
  • @godricsgirl @mishacollins made my daughter and I cry on the #ringer and we don’t cry. What the heck? Misha is just THAT good.
  • @steviejyanks I’ll say it again, #ringer is the best damn show on television
  • @edgyauthor Is it just me, or does #Ringer always seem to feature the best music?!
  • @TammyYIP SMG cries and I cry… #Ringer
  • @iheartTVD4eva I knew it! I knew mr. C was gonna do that #Ringer
  • @BeyoncePromo #Ringer was SOOOOOOOO good! 😀
  • @nikkiillinois I wish I liked #Ringer more because SMG is still super awesome and@mishacollins was brilliant tonight.
  • @Starshelle That last scene with @MishaCollins in #Ringer almost made me cry. Such a touching performance.
  • @ToxicRaven500 #Ringer is amazing I can’t even describe. Along with its fantastic drama the music on the show rocks!
  • @mariab76 #Ringer just keeps getting better and better!
  • @Okesene #Ringer needs to keep the pace going #SlowlyLosingMe
  • @BuffyFan4Life #Ringer was excellent as always!!

And make sure to read the Ringer photo recap for last week’s episode, “It’s Easy to Cry When This Much Cash is Involved.”


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