TV Twitter Reactions: Modern Family 3×16 “Virgin Territory”


Read what Modern Family fans had to say about Wednesday’s episode.

  • @dafr3ak LMAO!! At Luke driving! And his cheering, Hahahahaha! #ModernFamily
  • @Bgibsky Manny on #ModernFamily just described how almost ALL girls think. Only badass guys? Sorry if your first marriage fails :/ Not our fault
  • @Jen_Loves_LA #ModernFamily way to ruin that Mitchell. Smh lol
  • @neilwillenson #modernfamily was funny tonight. But as a father of a daughter who is growing too fast – it makes me worry about those teenage years. Sigh
  • @AubreyBuchanan #modernfamily = #hilarious
  • @CKfever #modernfamily was top shelf tonight #applesonforks
  • @advil Few things are as hilarious as when Luke and Manny are in a scene together. #ModernFamily
  • @rouben675 #modernfamily tonight’s episode is amazing! I can’t stop laughing! Best comedy on tv!!!
  • @JakePlanton I love how Manny and Luke hate Lilly…#ModernFamily
  • @jamiegaul Modern Family NEVER ceases to amaze me. Hilarious. #ABC#modernfamily
  • @lalalalauren87 Is it just me or was #ModernFamily extra funny tonight? I died laughing at the tupperware part.
  • @tinacos Still can’t stop laughing at Manny driving in #modernfamilyrollinnnggg
  • @_karianna That was probably my favorite #modernfamily of this season. In tears from the car scene with Manny.

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