TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×07 “Last Known Surroundings”

Chad Michael Murray returned to Tree Hill in Wednesday’s episode and the passionate fans had mixed reactions.

  • @stacey_merkel i loved tonight’s #OTH episode but what makes me so pissed is that the character’s of Haley & Nathan went through hell & back! seasons 1-9.
  • @roxanneduma omfg, can they just bring Nathan home already?! #oth #goingcrazy
  • @MaragarettH As much as I loved @ChadMMurray on #OTH, the cameo was a letdown. I wish they would have incorporated him in the show more.
  • @C_ports94 Now I have a week to wonder what the hell is gonna happen in#OTH all in all crazy good episode. #wow
  • @ashley1219 that’s the hardest I’ve cried during a #OTH episode since the Leyton wedding. so stressed. if Nathan dies…
  • @mismmccann If one tree hill this week almost had me crying, next week I’m going to be sobbing! #nathandontdie #oth
  • @rachellariana Finally watching tonight’s #OTH. Did a european drug dealer just reference #gossipgirl? Ha. #nerdmoment
  • @kkthanks Did the foreign creepy guy on #OneTreeHill / #OTH really just ask his creepy partner, “ARE YOU CHUCK FROM THE #GOSSIPGIRL?” wowww
  • @kbrenden_ I cannot believe #OTH right now!!!!!!!!!! Nathan!! Ahhh!!!#freakinmeout
  • @nickilicas don’t know why my heart is melting a little that lucas is back that hair is repulsive #oth
  • @EllisHorler Now I’m no Lucas fan, but that was special. Half way through the season now 😥 #OTH
  • @ActionLillian WTF Lucas was only in like, 10 minutes of this show! #dislike #OTH
  • @kvt1216 So Lucas’ big return was abt 5 min of screentime? Cop was in on kidnapping? Brooke could be in trouble? Really #OTH#stupid
  • @i_once_was_lost So overwhelming to see Luke @ChadMMurray back on #OTH grew up with that cast. OTH feels like home. Welcome home Luke!
  • @blakebreithaupt It was nice to see Lucas back on #OTH tonight, even though Peyton wasn’t also. Next week’s episode really looks intense…
  • @megano233 OMG the One Tree Hill episode from tonight!!! Poor Nathan 😦 #OTH
  • @xobeautifulchic Very disappointed with tonight’s eppy of #OTH…CMM could’ve done more than he did 😦 Where was my Dan/lucas or Brooke/lucas scenes?!
  • @DaniNicoleL #OTH blowing my mind right now
  • @xoBrittanyxo How can people say one tree hill isn’t good anymore. 9 years later, I still cry and yell at the tv. #oth
  • @PrettyLilAimee Yes I cried seeing Lucas come back #onetreehill
  • @sickvicious89 #OneTreeHill #OTH I cannot believe they let Xavior out. I am dreading next week with Haley identifying a body 😥
  • @ca_snapshot just trying to convince myself they can’t kill Nathan in the FAREWELL SEASON. otherwise I’ll straight up have a panic attack. #onetreehill
  • @Savanahh_ What the balls just happened?!?! #OneTreeHill
  • @taylorhenslingg That awkward moment when I cry more while watching #onetreehillthan I do over real life problems..
  • @iCarlyLynn Who cried when @ChadMMurray came out as Lucas on#OneTreeHill tonight?? Thisssss girl 😦
  • @SamanthaWitczak AHHHHH sooo in love with the fact that @ChadMMurray was on#onetreehill tonight!!! ❤ #wherespeyton ?

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  1. Thanks a bunch for sharing my thoughts … Much love to u and all #OTH fans xoxo

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