Quotes of the Week: ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ ’30 Rock,’ & More

Kenneth dresses up as Leap Dave Williams in a special Leap Day episode of '30 Rock'

How I Met Your Mother, season 7, episode 17: “No Pressure”

Ted: “Barney, you’ve really grown up, you know that?”
Barney: “Thanks. Now lets watch our two best friends have sex on tape.”

Cougar Town, season 3, episode 2: “A Mind with a Heart of Its Own”

“It’s so romantic, like that movie Inception, when Leo loves his wife so much. But then she gets mad and moves to that weird city where there’s like no people and earthquakes all the time. Then he ends up on snow mountain and falls in love with Juno!” —Laurie

Glee, season 3, episode 14: “On My Way”

Rachel: “I want to get married. Now.”
Finn (bewildered): “I have gym…”

New Girl, season 1, episode 14: “Bully”

“I like to improvise with my body. I’m like a sexual snowflake. Each night with me is a unique experience.” —Schmidt

30 Rock, season 6, episode 9: “Leap Day”

“That was this creep I went to college with. Such a nerd! And this is coming from someone who wrote lyrics to the song the Cantina Band plays in Star Wars. [Singing:] Figrin D’an the Kloo horn man…” —Liz

Parks and Recreation, season 4, episode 17: “Campaign Shake-Up”

“The dog training course I took was conducted entirely in German, and so now I’m fluent in German…words relating to dogs.” —Chris

“I own more pairs of UGGs than she does.” —Tom


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