TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 4×14 “The End of All Things”

Read the reactions to Friday’s mind-blowing episode.

  • @timnguyen Wow, what a great ep of #Fringe
  • @Melmione Theory: The Observers are descendants of the Dunham/Bishop line. No P/O = no kids = no Observers = nothing to save the world?#Fringe
  • @jkire Peter visited the Big Bang Burger Bar in tonight’s episode of #Fringe
  • @System815 The mythology of #Fringe is also becoming more sloppy, inconsistent and overshadows all its current characters, making them irrelevant.
  • @bernroxs4eva OMG #Fringe was good! so many answers about Observers! and Baby Henry!
  • @ambersaysso tonight’s #Fringe was Awesome! being in September’s mind was epic!
  • @spaceguy1 I love how on #Fringe a plausible explanation for someone being setup is, “it was a shape shifter!”
  • @Snacktime2009 I take it Peter is being stupid or dense? #fringe
  • @TheJHollis Wow!!! Fringe was unbelievable tonight!! Just when I thought I had it figured out…. #fringe
  • @scottmeiz My god. #FRINGE My god. That Observer scene? Speechless, I bid you all a good night and a fantastic morrow.
  • @LastOneHere182 #Fringe is to go on a 4-week break. I’m already feeling withdrawal symptoms.
  • @smartwatermelon FOUR weeks?! #Fringe
  • @fairweatherfrnd 4 WEEKS TIL NEW #FRINGE?!? KILL ME NOW. Then reassemble me on an atomic level, just like David Robert Jones, in 4 weeks. They can do that.
  • @BryanChung Omg! #Fringe is damn good and complicated!
  • @nwillke #fringe best show on TV right now!
  • @BeeHeeHee16 Well shoot. That was a flat ending for a 4 week break! :-/ Best part was Walter’s sprinkle sandwich! #Fringe
  • @zellyb Whaat. No new #Fringe for four weeks?! HOW WILL I SURVIVE.
  • @lostweatherguy One thing nobody is talking about; we still don’t know who shot September. #Fringe
  • @karensydney The problem with #Fringe: raises your expectations for scripted TV that other shows just can’t meet.
  • @vaektor Dang #Fringe you let me down today. I just knew more back story was coming but instead i get end scene from “Matrix Revolutions” bad form.
  • @aleexBRAH literally crying over the last minute of #Fringe
  • @romantic_sheep And why would Alt-Nina have a cyber arm? The more thought I give the two Ninas, the more confused I get. #Fringe.
  • @tincanmusic #fringe what is going to happen next?!? Ahh I cannot wait
  • @ChrisMitra They have been writing this #Fringe season like one normally would a final season. I would only hope that is not true

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  1. Seriously, they are skipping two 3 fricking weeks again!!! They just want to kill this show. This is my favorite show and they are killing it, treating it like dirt.

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