Twitter Reactions: Meryl Streep Wins Third Oscar

Meryl was dressed to match her golden statuette on Oscar night. Read the reactions on Twitter following her win.

  • @TheRock Congratulations Meryl Streep. Beautiful and gracious speech.#OscarTitan
  • @jaredcraft that acceptance speech was her best, it was kind, it was humble, it was gratuitous, it was honest. #merylstreep
  • @TatianaRebaza10 that acceptance speech was her best, it was kind, it was humble, it was gratuitous, it was honest. #merylstreep
  • @mary_morri LOVED the oscars tonight! #MerylStreep totes diserved best actress(:just think… next year, everyone will be talking about@TheHungerGames
  • @briannablaney The reaction of #MerylStreep when her name was announced; so demonstrative of her humility. Phenomenal win, brilliant actress.
  • @SilviaVazquez Estoy SÚPER feliz porque #MerylStreep se ha llevado su tercer#Oscar 😀
  • @StevieJ1066 My wife won an Oscar!!!!! Ahhh I’m so proud of her! Love you Meryl! You totally deserve it! 😀 #MerylStreep
  • @UkeTheWorld I CAN’T GET OVER HER ACCEPTANCE SPEECH. #merylstreep#iloveyou
  • @Digger_2011 #MerylStreep that was truly awesome !!!!!
  • @rnvj My favorite actress #MerylStreep absolutely deserved her third#Oscar for #TheIronLady! She was outstandingly amazing even while accepting.
  • @TheDafner that was History ….#MerylStreep
  • @HauteSimmons Who we really should feel sorry 4 is #glennclose though a great talent she has always been in #merylstreep ‘s shadow
  • @CodyCiara_xoxo My bestie #MerylStreep won yet again! Love you homegirl!
  • @namratagogoi Our future gen will surely think that #MerylStreep was a mythological legend.Hats off to the Iron Lady
  • @markiejanks a little let down by #MerylStreep‘s speech… I mean she had 17 tries @ it!… I wanted it to last longer and feel epic! #OSCARS
  • @SukanyaRangaraj The brightest star wore gold! #MerylStreep for #TheIronLady dazzled at the #Oscars. Cheers diva! ❤
  • @llene_Lim shooot! #MerylStreep win was quite expected. I mean her performance in the IronLady is flawless! But #GlennClose shes my fav.
  • @ShreyaDuttweets #Merylstreep‘s speech thanking her husband first – very heartfelt#oscars. Waiting even more eagerly to see #theironlady now.
  • @AndreaRajacic Can’t say I’m surprised.. All the grace and talent in the world.#MerylStreep #Oscars
  • @missyboxdorfer #MerylStreep…I actually got emotional during her speech. #classy#waytoacceptanoscar #deserving #bestactress
  • @Joey_Raney21 #merylstreep could play Superman and still take home a Oscar! So happy she won!! 🙂
  • @KattyShack21 Congratulations to #MerylStreep!! #ViolaDavis, you deserved it too… Wonderful work, wish 2 could have won Best Actress tonight.#Oscars
  • @heyitskelsey1 I love how #MerylStreep still acts surprised when she wins an award. Of course you won you’re Meryl Streep!
  • @LisaOClock She Meryled it. #MerylStreep #oscars2012
  • @iLikeYouTo Well done! #merylstreep Pulling the rabbit out the hat on that one… 17 time nominee too!
  • @Laurenk83 I am very happy, beyond happy that #MerylStreep won an #Oscar ! I guess that the last time that she won one was before I was born.
  • @Crissy1234 #merylStreep made me cry! Way to go on #3
  • @SuchetaSingh Best part of Oscars? #MerylStreep speech
  • @sarahhoku #MerylStreep what an incredible acceptance speech! Can’t help but love her #Oscars #BestActress
  • @Dave_idP FINALLY!! After 29 years and 13 nominations #MerylStreep wins her 3rd Oscar, and what a wonderful speech. It was perfect…just like her.

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