TV Twitter Reactions: How I Met Your Mother 7×18 “Karma”

Photo: Richard Cartwright/FOX ©2012 FOX Television. All Rights Reserved.

Read what fans had to say after Tuesday’s episode.

  • @icpinkdotss just finished watching #HIMYM new episode. and i’m liking where things are going…story moving on. aw, ted. good job man!
  • @JangStanley What happen to Ted? Everytime I watch #HIMYM I feel pity for Ted.#foreveralone
  • @wes_kirkwood leave it to #HIMYM to just keep tuggin on those heart strings
  • @TheAsianBradPitt #himym stop rehashing old plot lines. I understand Hollywood can’t come up with a new story line but seriously. #jumpedtheshark #fail
  • @celessd90 damn it Ted it’s making me cry so hard this season #himym
  • @IvoryAshes Why is #HIMYM turning into a drama. I want my light-hearted fluffy comedy back! rawr.
  • @MissMillenial How I Met Your Mother totally had me tearing up tonight.. sigh. Sometimes I swear this show is about my life. #HIMYM
  • @gabycas91 Loved the new episode of #himym. Seems like everyone’s lives are starting to get figured out. I’m going to be sad once the show ends.
  • @JAGtheDJ I know I’m late on this train, but so glad I got into #HIMYM – great stuff tonight.
  • @KristaVolpe WTF #HIMYM?! Why are you changing everything?!
  • @meganalle89 And by the end of the episode I’m crying a little… I love this show!#HIMYM
  • @alisonkalista #HIMYM was pretty good tonight. Finally an advancement in the plot!!! Can’t wait for Lily and Marshall to be back in Manhattan…
  • @MovieYearbook #HIMYM wasn’t bad tonight! Glad they brought change back into the mix. “It’s like the second half of WALL-E out here.”
  • @MeganKCollins If I was Ted’s kids, I’d totally hate Aunt Robin #himym
  • @mjharrell6 #HIMYM‘s new episode was soooo goood, why do i have to wait a whole week to watch the next one?!
  • @KatyRomanelli It’s okay Patrice, I would stay by your house. #HIMYM
  • @AustinGorton Barney’s naiveté and Ted’s ineffectiveness were funny but I grow weary of the “city folk can’t handle the burbs” gags. #HIMYM
  • @SalvatierraGabs #HIMYM has been a serious downer these past couple of weeks. Where has the funny gone?!
  • @JarydWilson Just when I thought another plot plateau was inevitable, the brilliance of #HIMYM strikes again. #Satisfied #ForNow
  • @yoitsjc This season of How I Met Your Mother is the best one in my opinion.#himym
  • @AvengedRichfold So is Ted gonna just leave everyone? #HIMYM
  • @kvt216 So Marshall and Lily own the house near the sewage plant, one in Long Island and rent an apt above the bar? Are they rich? #HIMYM
  • @ginganinja332 WHAT?!?!?!?! #HIMYM
  • @Musicallyadd #HIMYM was stellar tonight. I see an end in sight.

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