TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer 1×15 “P.S. You’re an Idiot”

Photo by Art Streiber 2011

Read what the fans said following Tuesday’s new episode.

  • ‘Best Tweet for Mentioning Veronica Mars’ Award goes to: @HisaysMark juliet, you b@#$!…someone call veronica mars! #ringer
  • @Tene_F_BaeBee Oh no Malcom!!!! #Ringer
  • @jmoran319 @CW_network loved tonight’s #RINGER it always leaves me wanting more!
  • @Pookitoots #Ringer Andrew seemed like such a good guy… now I’m worried for Bridget
  • @jillbillpill She’s turning into Siobhan! #Ringer
  • @trisa24 Ooooooh Henry is in on all the lying now!!!!! #Ringer
  • @brookeparker6 #Ringer blew my mind.
  • @kreatedbykristi #ringer is awesome!!! It gets better each week!!
  • @Musiclover708 Tonight’s #Ringer was so good! Cliffhanger! Def needs a second season
  • @jami674 Catching up on #Ringer. Andrew has become the most interesting/honest character that I’m going to feel really bad for him when the SHTF.
  • @havianne and, no comment on #Ringer.. all I can say is, what an insane mother juliet has
  • @EtherealHeart I highly doubt that Andrew is the crook even if he’s taking the responsibility, Olivia has something on him. #Ringer
  • @TVKel #Ringer – Ummmm…..okay. So this show has a plan past one season right?
  • @bdshaler #Ringer… Why you gotta do this to me. #Intense
  • @RyanLeckie #Ringer is getting more amazing each week. The intensity is driving me crazy! P.S. You’re An Idiot – Love that line!
  • @MaxxieJones OMG! ANDREW YOU TWIT!!! #Ringer
  • @spikefan23 Convoluted: coiled, twisted, complex EX: #Ringer Seriously…this show!! WTF?!
  • @jyotilamba Ohhhh damn. Good finale to tonight’s #Ringer episode. They keep throwing in cliff hangers to make us tune in again. #smartcookies
  • @iheartTVD4eva Mr. C and Juliette’s mom!! I totally saw that coming!!! But still was kinda shocked #ringer
  • @Angellove76 #ringer was really good tonight I’m really enjoying the show. can’t wait until the next episode
  • @mapgar1986 Juliet needs to think about what happened to Shiv’s last maid of honor. #RIPGemma#Ringer

Don’t forget to check back for another Ringer photo recap.


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