TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×08 “A Rush of Blood to the Head”

Photo: Michael Tackett/The CW ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

There was an all new episode of One Tree Hill on Tuesday. See what the fans had to say:

  • @AnjuliVelazquez Wow, I never really cared about Clay that much before but words can’t express how much I hate that guy right now. #OTH
  • “Best Reference of Another CW Show” Tweet: @JoieSinatra #littleknownfact The Russian mob is big in Tree Hill. (apparently) Do I sense a Nikita x-over? #OTH
  • @Linds_MAF29 Oh snappp!!! Clay!!! I totally predicted this!!!! #OTH
  • @litrac1 Tonight’s #OTH was great, my heart skipped some beats, my eyes cried..Love @StephenColletti storyline,knew it wasn’t nathan !!!!
  • @teomichelle My faith in Mark Schwahn’s brilliance has been totally restored. #oth#greatepisode
  • @oilerlove40 Last few seas I’ve had a soft spot for Dan, but this seas its grown. I still think something is up w/ him.. not regarding Nate tho. #OTH
  • @JustFandl This can’t get any better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #OTH
  • @kitvalone2 the amount i cry during #oth is probably not good.
  • @gagansingh15 The emotional roller coaster that one tree hill puts me through. Time well spent. #OneTreeHill #SeasonNine #OTH
  • @TVMoms101 And Deb Scott is back in the game! Woooo! #OTH
  • @SarahMosavi #oth. I cried like a baby watching tonight
  • @Erinisms Holy #OTH. I can’t take this show. :*(
  • @xxVanne Oh my god!! I already knew what was gonna happen but damn it’s so different actually watching it. That was a freaking good episode!#OTH
  • @Wilmync13 After the very slow, nothing happens, season 8 this is like a breath of fresh air! #OTH
  • @salumatalolo #OTH tonight was aweeesome!!!!!(:
  • @MeredithKBT I love protective Julian! And protective Chase. #OTH
  • @HungryKriten Wow this is an intense episode of #OTH! Kind of getting me a little#emotional… A little.
  • @_flynn Most CRAZY episode EVER of #oth #goingcrazy
  • @LBell90 Oh my gosh! Did not see that one coming! #OTH
  • @lacastilleja OMG Haley’s monologue to Nathan. so glad the body wasn’t his!#OneTreeHill
  • @marleystephanie Pretty sure I had a mini heartattack waiting to see if the body was Nathan Scott’s #onetreehill
  • @kbuhr9 Oh.My.Gosh. Wow. #OneTreeHill
  • @ThatChickMaya #onetreehill is GOOD right now!
  • @AliCChampion Loved #OneTreeHill tonight! Best season ever!

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