TV Twitter Reactions: Awake 1×01 “Pilot”

NBC’s new drama starring Jason Isaacs as a detective who finds himself awake in two separate realities premiered Thursday. Read the reactions from folks on Twitter:

  • @guitarscreams wow, this show is interesting. #Awake
  • @Atotw3 #AWAKE had my heart pounding. Legit in love.
  • @ZOMBIEHUNTER I was watching the pilot for #awake and the idea comes to me “maybe he’s the one who died in the crash?”
  • @Breeyore #Awake was so good! I’m happy to see Jason Isaacs on an awesome show! Such an underrated actor. Can’t wait until next week’s episode.
  • @lucilaloves Awesome story line, replace the lead, I can’t connect with him. I see someone more interesting like Mark Harmon in that role. #awake
  • @ThumbTaks #Awake is easily the best show I have watched on TV in a very, very long time
  • @ayessa_mae #AWAKE is such a good show! Jason Isaacs portrayed the role very well even if he’s not Lucius nor luscious in it 🙂
  • @mastr22222 #awake is such an amazing show
  • @genebike The new show #Awake on #NBC is smart and engaging in ways many shows are scared to be.
  • @zensutherland OK, watched #Awake first episode. It’s gonna be tough to follow all the threads. Can the writers can keep it understandable & interesting?
  • @swiftlyinflight Also, the use of color to differentiate between the dichotomy of the wife’s reality and the son’s reality is excellent. #Awake
  • @_hopeless13 #Awake was better than I thought it would be. New fave show ❤
  • @MIchael_Poston He’s in a comma and mistakenly bouncing between altered realities. Freakin love it. I’m in! #Awake
  • @edwinjaufmannjr Loved #AWAKE pilot. I’m concerned about the next episode, they’re already changing characters. I’ll cross my fingers, hope for best
  • @VariantDash So far I like #Awake. Which means it’ll probably be cancelled and replaced with a singing show.
  • @beau31craft #awake was phenomenal. Got it set to record the whole series already
  • @clarke_94 I love psychological dramas like #Awake that make you think.
  • @hunterhaas24 #Awake is a badass show.
  • @The_Kip_Wilson New show #Awake is actually pretty solid. Alot of drama but bloody murders n perceptions of alternate realities is always a solid start
  • @TBo45 To anyone who enjoys high concept dramas id really recommend the new show #awake….thurs at 9 on nbc
  • @clarke_94 Wow. I just watched the new show #Awake and it’s amazing.#NoWords
  • @BunkyDD watching #AWAKE and thinking I am going to like this!
  • @Darksyderydaz #AWAKE is gonna be 1 of my new fav shows

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  1. I’m glad to see plenty of people appreciated Awake. It’s far too seldom in my opinion, that risky shows like this get the credit / audience numbers they deserve. It is a complicated show though, I wanted to watch it over to make sure I caught the subtleties and it was actually better the second time around. If anyone else wants to see it again too, you can watch it the same way I did, through: dishonline(dot)com, which is a free streaming site with tons of content. The best part is, a lot of the shows are available even if you’re not a DISH customer, you don’t have to log in or anything!

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