TV Twitter Reactions: Parks and Recreation 4×17 “Campaign Shake-Up”

Folks react to Thursday’s new episode.

  • @televisionary Five minutes of #ParksandRec now packs more comedy punch than entire episodes of #30Rock.
  • @KelynSoong Perd Hapley, the greatest news anchor ever. #ParksandRec
  • @Derrellict This ep of #parksandrec is amazing–water balloon kamikazes ftw.
  • @beffgus Ben Wyatt IS like a brilliant sexy little hummingbird. #parksandrec
  • @mikeb476 #ParksandRec was hilarious today. “Hilarious image. A foot! In a mouth!”
  • @blandwriting I watch #parksandrec at least 3 times b4 deleting from dvr, but sometimes forget I even recorded #30rock.#timeshavechanged
  • @liadurham Kathryn Hahn on #parksandrec I Love Her! p.s. the water fountain thing zoo funny
  • @OldPandaDayz Everyone was all about Carl Reiner on tonights #ParksandRec but Kathryn Hahn was way better as Bobby Newport’s campaign manager.
  • @CBack465 April’s whole shtick is beyond old hat at this point. We get it, you don’t like things…move on #ParksAndRec
  • @easilycharmed The Ron/April relationship is one of my favourite things about#ParksandRec
  • @BlakeQuinlan #parksandrec was pretty decent again this week. I approve.

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