Quotes of the Week: ‘Modern Family,’ ‘The Voice,’ & More

How I Met Your Mother, season 7, episode 18: “Karma”

Barney: “What am I going to do about this Quinn thing? I want to ask her out again, but I don’t know how I feel about her being a stripper.”
Ted: “Why would you have an issue with that? You’ve dated convicted felons, arms dealers, pageant moms…”

2 Broke Girls, season 1, episode 18: “And the One-Night Stands”

“I blew up a Chipotle for you!” —Irish (to Max)

The Voice, season 2, episode 5

Blake: “I love you, Adam.”
Adam: “I love you too…in a totally nonsexual way.”
Blake: “I can’t say the same.”

Castle, season 4, episode 17: “Once Upon a Crime”

Beckett: “Speaking of which…”
Castle: “Actors or psychopaths?”
Beckett: “I was thinking about your mother.”
Castle: “Oh, so a little bit of both.”

Cougar Town, season 3, episode 3: “Lover’s Touch”

Ellie: “I miss being a ho.”
Laurie: “You want back in? Because we’ll take you back.”

Suburgatory, season 1, episode16: “Poetic Injustice”

“This is Finn. He’s uncircumcised!” —Dallas, introducing her new croquet partner

Modern Family season 3, episode 17: “Leap Day”

“Okay birthday boy, what’s it gonna be? Rom-com or horror? Or we could do both and watch Maid in Manhattan.” —Mitchell

Happy Endings, season 2, episode 16: “Cocktails & Dreams”

“Ooh! Floor bacon!” —Max

30 Rock season 6, episode 10: “Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky”

“I just had an emergency meeting with legal, and we can no longer use the words ‘hit,’ ‘great show,’ ‘fun,’ or ‘broadcast television.'” —Jack


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