Top 5 Logan Echolls Moments from ‘Veronica Mars’

Happy Top 5 Tuesday, world! If you read the title of this post, then you already know that this week will continue my streak of completely self-indulgent topics (last week was our Top 5 Classic WB Shows) with a celebration of Logan Echolls and his shining moments on Veronica Mars. (We’ll pause here for a collective swoon.) I compiled this list rather quickly, so if I overlooked any obvious ones, be sure to mention them in the comments. Without further ado, here are our top five Logan Echolls moments with accompanying video (you’re welcome)…

1. Epic LoVe (season 2, episode 20, “Look Who’s Stalking”) – Is this the greatest scene in the history of Veronica Mars? Maybe. Although some Duncan fans would probably disagree. (If they exist… Just kidding, Mary.) In this scene at the alterna-prom, a slightly inebriated Logan pours his heart out to Veronica while “I Hear The Bells” by Mike Doughty plays in the background. I still can’t hear that song without thinking about this scene and tearing up. That’s the power of epic LoVe.

2. Logan and Veronica’s first kiss (season 1, episode 18, “Weapons of Class Destruction”) – Remember that time Logan saved Veronica from a crazed Jonathan Taylor Thomas? And then she kissed him on the terrace of the Camelot and my heart exploded with happiness??? It was a beautiful and magical beginning to the aforementioned epic love between Veronica and Logan.

3. Logan gets arrested to avenge Veronica (season 3, episode 9, “Spit & Eggs”) – We can all agree that season 3 was not on par with the first two brilliant seasons of the show, but this was one of the few moments from that season that I genuinely loved. Taking a bat to a law officer’s car to get thrown in jail was such an old-school Logan Echolls move. What made it different from his needless high school rebellion was the reason behind it. He purposefully got arrested so he could be thrown into a cell with Moe and Mercer, Veronica’s attempted rapist and cohort, in order to beat them to a pulp. Sometimes violence is the answer.

4. Logan helps Veronica escape from Cassidy (season 2, episode 22, “Not Pictured”) – Once again, Logan was there for Veronica when she needed him most. He came to her rescue on the roof when she confronted Cassidy about his role in the bus crash (and her own rape), and he helped convince Veronica not to shoot Cassidy, a decision she surely would have regretted later. After a tumultuous season for both Logan and Veronica, it was touching to see Logan be exactly what Veronica needed during that traumatic incident. It was clear in that scene (as well as his “epic” speech two episodes before) how much Logan still cared for Veronica.

5. Anthropomorphic (season 1, episode 7, “The Girl Next Door”) – I love a boy who can be a smartass while using SAT words. Logan’s brief interaction with Vice Principal Clemmons was one of Logan’s snappiest, cleverest, most amusing lines in season 1. Also, he called the vice principal “big guy.” It was awesome.

What do you say, fellow Veronica Mars fans? Did I do Logan justice? What are your favorite Logan moments? There are so many! And can you believe I didn’t choose a single one where he’s shirtless? I can’t believe it myself. Be sure to leave a comment with your best Logan moments, and feel free to tweet us to discuss anything related to Veronica Mars. We’re always more than happy to talk about V-Mars!



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