TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×09 “Every Breath is a Bomb”

Read the reactions from One Tree Hill fans following Wednesday’s episode.

  • @SVSlove FOR THE LOVE OF DAN SCOTT… omg #oth
  • @LindseyPain I’m annoyed. This whole Nathan thing is taking way too long and we are runnin out of episodes! Ughh #OTH
  • @jamie_wild My heart is beating so hard. Cannot handle this. #OTH
  • @meftihe ugh I hate the last five minutes of this show, the anxiety builds and builds. #OTH
  • @abainy oh my gosh OTH is killing me right now #toomuch #OTH
  • @lizard724 Not surprised at Logan’s initial reaction to Clay at all. Awww Chase.#OTH
  • @tcrumbol74 #oth this seasons too messed up
  • @_amandamast this show always gets to me, so well done. #oth
  • @_katieco #OTH is breaking my heart
  • @MissMorganism I never really liked Chase before, but I may have just teared up a little bit. #oth
  • @Smilallison The Nathan missing storyline has gone long enough…Could they end it already?! We all know he’s going to be fine! 🙂 #oth
  • @JenOdomOTH If you look at One Tree Hill today you’d never guess the how is simply about: Two half brothers playing basketball 🙂 and I love that!#OTH
  • @LoveAcrossTime Damn another great #OTH episode. It’s been so good this season.
  • @jamers1992 Tonights #onetreehill episode has left me scared and fearful the same way the season 6 premiere made me feel.#sleepingnotsowelltonight
  • @cassielyons10 offically scared to sleep tonight, thanks #OneTreeHill
  • @StephHemwall #OneTreeHill was CRAZY! Poor baby Baker and Nathan… Can’t wait to see badass Dan and the craziness next week!!
  • @NevermindedHate No Clay!!!! You HAVE a son an you abandoned him TWICE!!!! Once because of the trauma, but what’s your excuse now????#onetreehill #oth
  • @NicoleDaskaluk ohhhhh my god #onetreehill was unreal.
  • @AHead87 #OneTreeHill is making my blood pressure rise.

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