TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer 1×16 “You’re Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail”

Photo by Art Streiber 2011

Read what the fans had to say about Tuesday’s episode.

  • ‘Best Tweet to Mention Veronica Mars‘ Award: @jessicarshelton @CW I may be the only one watching #Ringer, but as a personal favor I’d like you not to cancel it. Still mourning #veronicamars
  • @JarettSays Buffy & Dawn wore the same coat on their respective CW shows last week?!?! #Ringer#GossipGirl             #DawnIsStillStealing
  • @clarissa373 The biggest mystery from this week’s #Ringer is why Bridget is wearing a green garbage bag as a coat. WILL WE LEARN THE ANSWER?!
  • @sarahmufc93 Siobhan is so mean to Tyler ;( #ringer
  • @Twall4ever #ringer … WOW!!! Gets better and better every week!!!!!
  • @KattWinter Misha Collins was beautiful on #ringer. But when is he not? #sigh
  • @jHo1987 Oh my GOD! That was almost too much, best episode yet, and next week’s looks immense! #ringer
  • @BerCarS Omg!! #Ringer it’s on fired GREAT episode last night just wow!
  • @voxtar Seriously ppls, u need to start watching #Ringer. Storylines are so well written. Mystery, suspense. What more could you ask 4? #TV2watch
  • @CaribBritish #Ringer is too much, such a great programme I hope they continue it to a 2nd season.
  • @itsjeanclaude #Ringer is soooooo good, if the show gets cancelled… I’ll get so mad.
  • @Ame_Val Gosh… Tyler is so gullible… #Ringer
  • @Ryan_Bru My heart was literally pounding with this episode. #Ringer is getting sooooo great. I fear is gonna get cancelled.
  • @rubycadillac #RINGER IS SO INTENSE.
  • @iamJaymes So its okay for you to steal your sister’s identity but not for your husband to steal money to support you? Hypocrite much? Bridget. #Ringer
  • @FallenNight I love #Ringer but tonight’s episode was totally predictable….
  • @BittrScrptReadr If there’s one good thing about #Ringer, it’s that Sarah Michelle Gellar does an excellent job of differentiating her roles
  • @DebWelshOne ooohhh it’s getting good, I wonder who killed Tyler?
  • @DramaTweetBrad Oh it was Olivia #ringer And wow is andrew gonna kill malcom!
  • @shreyaphadke #Ringer is bringing its A game! Every new episode kicks the last episode’s ass
  • @BuffyQuotes101 Aww Andrew is so annoyingly adorable. You know, come to think of it, all these characters are a bit weak besides Bridget & Siobhan. #Ringer
  • @bdshaler Holy Moly why do you do this to me every week. #Ringer
  • @gavinamudhaar #ringer never fails to disappoint
  • @SRWhatley #Ringer is getting really stressful. I just want Bridget and Andrew to be happy!!

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