Top 5 Adam Scott Roles

Adam Scott on 'Party Down,' 'Boy Meets World,' & 'Parks and Recreation'

If you couldn’t tell from my gushing review of his new comedy Friends with Kids, I am now officially in love with Adam Scott. I mean, I was in love with him before this, but now it’s evolved into a passionate, all-consuming love that makes me unable to think about anything else. I’m already planning an Adam Scott marathon, during which I plan to spend an entire day watching his “greatest hits,” so to speak. In honor of this moment in time, where Adam seems poised on the brink of super-stardom, let’s celebrate Top 5 Tuesday with a look at our five favorite roles of his…

1. Jason Fryman (Friends with Kids, 2012) – Adam Scott is so good in this movie, you can’t even imagine. Okay, I know that sounds like I’m just over-hyping it, but I was in awe of him in Friends with Kids. His character is kind of like a toned-down version of Barney from How I Met Your Mother, and then he becomes a father. Scott inhabits every aspect of this role, from the humor to the dramatic, and everything in between. He made my heart break for him, but he also made my sides split with laughter. In other words, he’s awesome. I love this movie; I love Adam Scott; and I love how he played this character.

2. Ben Wyatt (Parks and Recreation, 2010-2012) – I think this was the role that really brought Adam Scott to America’s attention. I don’t want to say Scott is what made Parks and Rec the great show that it is today, but the addition of him and Rob Lowe definitely took the show to the next level. The thing I love most about Ben is how awkward he is, and Scott plays that awkwardness with such precision he makes it into an art form. He turned Ben from a paper-pushing stick-in-the-mud into a smart, funny, adorable character who is the perfect romantic interest for Leslie Knope. I hope he sticks around Pawnee even after he’s become a Hollywood big shot.

3. Henry Pollard (Party Down, 2009-2010) – Do you remember Party Down? Probably not, since the show averaged under 100,000 viewers during its two-season run on Starz. On the plus side, a Party Down movie is in the works, and although it was short-lived, Party Down offered us Veronica Mars fans a weekly reunion of VM alumni. Scott played Henry, the sarcastic, woebegone struggling-actor-turned-bartender who finally decided to throw in the towel on his dream of making it big. (A dream Scott himself is living right now.) Scott showed off a darker, more subdued side of his comedic abilities, and he showed he could handle the pressure of being a leading man, even if it was only for 20 episodes, and for an audience of 75,000 viewers.

4. Derek (Step Brothers, 2008) – Scott plays a complete and utter douchebag in this movie, but he does it so well. I think this scene of Derek and his family driving in the car whilst singing an a cappella version of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” best sums up his hilarious role in Step Brothers (although I don’t believe Scott actually did his own singing for the part).

5. Mr. Rooks (Veronica Mars, 2005) – Okay, so this character isn’t one I can say I actually liked, but the fact that Adam Scott was on Veronica Mars automatically makes it one of my favorite things ever. Scott played a charismatic young high school teacher who turned out to be a sleazebag who had impregnated one of his students. (Fun fact: Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester was also in this episode.) It was a great episode, and even though he played a despicable human being, Scott was a memorable guest star.

Honorable Mention: Griff Hawkins (Boy Meets World, 1994-1995) – Was your mind as blown as mine was when you realized that Adam Scott played Griff on Boy Meets World? Le. Gen. Da. Ry.

Fun fact: Adam Scott played Aaron Tyler in the first version of the pilot episode of the fabulous comedy Wonderfalls. But when the show got picked up, he was unavailable to be a regular cast member, so Lee Pace took over the role.

Next up on my Adam Scott to-watch list: Tell Me You Love Me, the short-lived HBO series from 2007. What about you, fellow pop culture fans? What was your favorite Scott role? Have you seen Friends with Kids? Share all your thoughts and fawning over Adam Scott in the comments section, or just tweet us @PopCultureNexus. Thanks for reading, and happy Top 5 Tuesday!



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  1. Be still my beating heart. I fell in love with Adam on Parks and Rec and fell even harder when I watched Friends with Kids (because I saw your article on it). He was also on Six Feet Under as David Fisher’s (Michael C. Hall. Don’t even get me started on how hot that pairing was) short lived fling.

    I desperately need to watch Party Down and “Tell Me You Love Me”. Seriously, I think I’m in love with this man.

  2. He was also the douchebag boss in Walter Mitty (2013) !

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