TV Twitter Reactions: The Voice “The Battles, Week 2”

It was Week 2 of Battle Rounds on The Voice and the fans were not shy to tweet their reactions.

  • @tilanes BOO! Sarah brought it, but Geoff McBride performed better.#TheVoice
  • @PattyVillalta Juliet’s voice! Sorry but Sarah did not stand a chance the song was just so natural for Juliet ! #TheVoice
  • @HolaSil I like Kim better on #TheVoice
  • @BestBettsPhoto #thevoice have not agreed with any of the judges decisions so far this season. @ceelogreen sarah was the better singer. Period.
  • @alyssa_m_jones so into the voice this season! never watching idol again… #thevoice
  • @brizee124 ugh two of my favorites have gone home so far on #thevoice tonight
  • @iJo_Lynn #thevoice is pissing me off tonight. Y U SENDIN’ EVERYBODY I LIKE HOME!?
  • @Luci51 I liked them both but Juliet did dominate! Good stuff #TheVoice
  • @annabaybee1_ #TheVoice is seriously pissing me off! 3 rounds and they all picked the wrong ones. It’s almost making me change the channel.
  • @_MelissaRose I’m not a fan of BVB but it was so cute to see Andy come kiss Juliet and support her after her kick ass performance. :’) #TheVoice
  • @mandaris Sarah should have won! #TheVoice
  • @SteveErie #TheVoice ~ For me it’s #JulietSimms, a no brainer!!!!!
  • @baileey_bear Cee Lo totally just set her up…. #notfair #thevoice
  • @cjcompt I believe that was the wrong choice lexland all the way #thevoice
  • @Livin4Laffs #TheVoice is so intense…but I think @SarahMGolden was the better of the 2…wish her luck!
  • @phantomzangel whitney and kim…holy cow. #TheVoice #TeamAdam #Battles
  • @kikidee #TheVoice… do they just pick the ‘pretty’ ones? Lex’s voice won for me on that one
  • @RosieReyn #TheVoice is pissing me off!
  • @luzagna Damn you reality singing shows, always making me cry! #thevoice
  • @ShutUpMario It’s official, I don’t understand #TheVoice.

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