TV Twitter Reactions: Modern Family 3×18 “Send Out the Clowns”


Read the reactions from fans following Wednesday’s episode.

  • @alanarusso Almost nothing is funnier to me than Cam as Fizbo. #modernfamily
  • @yelladoesstuff Every time I watch #ModernFamily I want to paint my walls blue and install wood floors on the stairs. #dreamhouse
  • @TaizyaM HAHA! At this clown funeral #ModernFamily but yet so very creepy
  • @Michelle_Leroux When the girl falls into the bushes on #ModernFamily lmao omg i died. This show is unlike any other. Hilarious.
  • @JustB_More watching #ModernFamily. This clown funeral is RIDONCULOUS! lol
  • @macslot When I die, a clown funeral is now neck and neck with a viking one.#modernfamily
  • @Karinnehelene A group of clowns walking around in a grave yard… #ModernFamilyis almost as creepy as pretty little liars this week.
  • @JackFratt #ModernFamily is AMAZING. Again.

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