TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×10 “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will”

Photo: Fred Norris/The CW 2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

It was a shocking episode on Wednesday and fans were tweeting furiously, so much so that “Dan Scott” became a trending topic.

  • @AnjuliVelazquez Omg, GREAT episode of #OTH!! I could not care less about Clay’s storyline tho. But the rest was fantastic. #LoveIt
  • @alysefrench Dan Scott, you’re pretty freaking awesome after all. Please don’t die… #OTH
  • @Reina4you Just finished watching #OTH! It was an intense episode! I wish we saw Haley speak to Nathan, but still loved the episode. The end is near.
  • @syellefan88 i still think chris keller is the only reason making season 9 of #othwatchable. they pretty much spent the season on finding nathan
  • @sambelllll Dan Scott is all kinds of badass. Mmmm #oth
  • @ZuryC So that had to be the most suspenseful and intense episodes of#OTH #OneTreeHill ever omg. I was freaking out the whole time.
  • @nicojoness it was a night of mini heart attacks, tears, fears and crying watching One Tree Hill tonight. #oth #onlythreeweeksleft
  • @FashionistaMMC Bawling!!! #oth is too intense. It’s like watching family. And YES I am the biggest dork ever.
  • @JustACraig One Tree Hill was one of the best episodes ever tonight. Was actually shaking because I didn’t know what was gonna happen.#greatshow #OTH
  • @kiannak23 Tara I take everything back for now. #OTH
  • @ShaheeraMohamad Dan Scott is BOSS !!! I LOVE THE MAN !!! #OneTreeHill #OTH
  • @AshRagutero Chris Keller’s such a win in tonight’s episode. A+ 3rd person dialogue. #onetreehill #oths9
  • @actualadamgrima BOOM!!! #OneTreeHill another wicked episode. Saying this every week…cannot wait for the next one. #OTH
  • @MandyLaneBeach Best #OneTreeHill EVER!!
  • @taylor_buckner #onetreehill was insane this week! Oh my gosh… -_-
  • @chrissymctina Holy crap, biting my nails for reals #onetreehill #fb
  • @traceygrl #Onetreehill So much suspense in one episode. Never thought I would actually hope Dan Scott wins in the end.
  • @reneemartell_15 #onetreehill never fails to make me cry
  • @pearljamm23 #Onetreehill is craaazyyy, but I LOVE it !! #obsessed
  • @adrluhh Best #onetreehill ever! :0
  • @toriamcelduff OH MY GOSH!!! I’m freaking out #OneTreeHill was INSANE!!!!!!#hurryupnextweek
  • @Haleymvcw Nathan Scott is saved!!!! 😀 This episode made my emotional rollercoaster even worse haha #onetreehill
  • @mirparent pretty sure i had a mini heart attack #onetreehill
  • @JordyyyK11 A tv show has never made me so nervous. #onetreehill
  • @vpidsadny Wowowowoww I can’t believe how amazing that episode was#inlove #onetreehill

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