TV Twitter Reactions: Community 3×11 “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts”

Read the reactions from fans following Community‘s return.

  • @savlich #community is back, the universe is in order again.
  • @JCButler10 #Community was amazing I can’t believe there is a chance that a show with #Theohuxtable dancing could be canceled… shame on you #NBC
  • @Spazstuwie #Community Normal Troy and Abed make me sad DX #coolcoolcool
  • @MarkTingey #community is the greatest thing in the history of TV.
  • @adam_rei Love me this new episode of #community #coolcoolcool
  • @kyauchic I want Jeff and Britta to be my drunk uncle and aunt. #Community#sixseasonsandamovie
  • @David_ONeill_ Normal Abed and Troy are kinda creepy. #Community#CoolCoolCool
  • @mcsingh85 Let me just say my faith in humanity is slightly restored with the return of #Community!
  • @vandeand My Thursday nights are a million times better now that #Communityis back. #sixseasonsandamovie!
  • @jsr7 It’s so nice to have #Community back on my TV. #coolcoolcool
  • @sallyf815 Watching #Community. May be even more in love with Abed than usual.
  • @NerdtasticNews Whelp #Community is back! Thought this episode was fine but I’m just glad it’s back! #coolcoolcool
  • @jayrunham That #Community episode was disappointing… I’m kind of bummed I rushed home to watch it. #TV
  • @TheRealPaeton I gotta acclimatize myself to #community again…I’ve been watching too much normal people TV since the hiatus.
  • @AstrolinerTV I’m pretty positive that spending a day with Troy and Abed would pretty much be the most amazing freaking day ever. #Community#coolcoolcool
  • @tom_turpel I’m so glad #Community is back!! #coolcoolcool
  • @MisterMcCracken #Community wasn’t very funny this week, but it had more character development for Shirley & Britta than all of the 1st half of season 3.

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