TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×16 “Doublecross”

Nikita Doublecross

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ; 2012 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Nikita returned after a four week hiatus and did not disappoint. Read the reactions from fans on Twitter.

  • @nikitaobsession I have mixed feelings about Carla’s death.. mostly a sigh of relief tho :/ #Nikita
  • @austin1212 #Nikita was good as always
  • @RPFANN Cassandra is a dirty witch. #Nikita
  • @BratRecruit OH MY GOD!!!!cassandra?!?!?!? I knew it! I knew she was working with Gogol!!!!!! #Nikita
  • @SPNfangirl I will not miss Karla one bit! Goodbye and good riddance! #Nikita
  • @mzRockinB Percy’s down to one minion! Awwww, haha #Nikita
  • @jkle #Nikita is getting complicated LOL
  • @JLMadridFederer BIRKHOFF. WOW. #Nikita
  • @CandyMaize I like Percy’s look – the turtleneck sweater w/slacks looks good on him. #NIKITA
  • @fallenstacie I actually gasped when Alex and Sean found out who the spy was#Nikita
  • @minaminokyoko Division is seriously out of control. Amanda has no clue what she’s doing. #Nikita
  • @valerylr How awesome was Birkhoff tonight in #Nikita huh? 😀 We need more of him!
  • @Angellove76 I’m so glad that #nikita is back tonight’s episode was really good.
  • @La_Fille_Timide and this is why we dont like Cassandra… #nikita
  • @BmoreBrooke Loved the new #Nikita Did not love the props dept. making a 3D panorama a 2nd grader could make and thinking CW viewers are that stupid.
  • @mavislum new ep of #NIKITA = super awesome. yay
  • @vangoghstars WTH just happened on my TV screen? #Nikita.
  • @fejimanz if they didn’t do fast cuts in this show #Nikita she would look like she didn’t know what she was doing… you can tell she isn’t trained…
  • @RavioliPatel #nikita was sooo good.
  • @the_natural #Nikita kicks so much ass and takes fools out like Jack Bauer on a bad day.

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