TV Twitter Reactions: 30 Rock 6×12 6×13 “Grandmentor” “Kidnapped by Danger”

Fans were treated to two new episodes of 30 Rock on Thursdar. Read the reactions.

  • @soapboxdirty Liz Lemon said “dummies” like Fred Sanford. Amazing. #30Rock
  • @BKMastah I loved the set gag on #30Rock. Very clever.
  • @jrmessinger77 Omg…#30Rock is hilarious tonight. The Baldwins are making me LOL!
  • @gracenotesnyc Wow. The Asian babies and puppies trapped in the mine was the cutest thing on television…EVER #30rock
  • @ericpuglisi Ok. Hazel on #30rock is actually very funny. “I have been in lots of car wrecks”
  • @maisouimadame Please please get rid of Hazel and bring Avery back, #30Rock
  • @ArtofJohnBaker A Baldwin impersonating another Baldwin. Well done, #30Rock.
  • @imjasondiamond I think “Steel Hammerhands” made me laugh harder than any other#30Rock joke this season.
  • @d3sk After watching #30Rock with Billy Baldwin, one thing is clear: Dude needs his own sitcom!
  • @tylerc Instead of actually tweeting all the #30rock quotables, I just kept a running tally of one-liners I wanted to tweet. Total: 26. Yeah.
  • @DarrenGrubel If I could, I would tweet the entire script of every #30Rock episode.
  • @JillHelser Baldwins squared! BRILLANT — #30Rock
  • @manduhtory Rapping Liz Lemon. I cannot handle this. Tina Fey needs to marry me right now. #30Rock
  • @BlkGrlsDontDate Seeing the Baldwin brothers on #30Rock is so funny
  • @DustAngelNY Just finished watching #30Rock and my fav @Alyankovic was on the show. LOVE THAT GUY!
  • @RaisingCane #30Rock is still so damn funny!
  • @hkmadman Omg Baldwin brother and Cynthia Nixon on #30Rock was brilliant
  • @scottkleinberg Weird Al Yankovic adds words to #30rock theme song at end of tonight’s show. Mind blown.
  • @ldavis627 Cynthia Nixon doing Julianne Moore doing a Boston accent: priceless! #30rock
  • @LanGuistics34 #30Rock was in TOP for tonight, especially with that final “Weird Al” bit.

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  1. I guess everyone now knows about my identity. I’ve been keeping this a secret for 64 years. 64 years!!!

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