TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×11 “Danny Boy”

one tree hill

Wednesday’s One Tree Hill was an emotional episode. Find out how the fans reacted.

  • @MellyMarieD Hands down the absolute BEST episode of #OneTreeHill I’ve ever seen. Seriously. A beautiful demonstration of what forgiveness looks like.
  • @wendijerich WOW I have no words for nights episode of #OneTreeHill 🙂 glad we got to see keith one more time though!
  • @hallie_danielle Never thought I would be so emotional over a tv show. Literally exhausted myself from crying #onetreehill #ripdanscott
  • @britthoydich Just finished watching tonight’s episode of #OneTreeHill w/ my mom & sister & now the room is full of 3 crying girls. That show got us good.
  • @iJoLai I love how they’re wrapping up #OneTreeHill … Only a couple episodes left. #OTH
  • @AnjuliVelazquez LOVED #OTH tonight! Especially loved Julian wanting to make a show now! Loved how #DawsonsCreek did it & love that#OneTreeHill is finishing
  • @daneordie i seriously can’t even handle this episode right now. i am the biggest baby ever. #onetreehill
  • @dkosak I wont say who… when was the last time a show pulled off bringing an old char. back completely unspoiled to even tv critics?#OneTreeHill
  • @KaylaSommes #OneTreeHill was so sad tonight! #balledmyeyesout! I can’t believe he is dead
  • @sydneerin I cried 3 times watching #OneTreeHill tonight.
  • @ErinThalheimer i’ve had my favorites, but i think this was the best episode of#onetreehill i’ve ever seen. paul johansson did phenomenal
  • @allieknodell #onetreehill literally just made me bawl my eyes out#onlytwoepisodesleft
  • @raveetm12 Tonight’s episode of #onetreehill was everything I hoped for & more. This is why I fell in love with the show!
  • @Paigebruce Oh goodness! #OTH was too much tonight. I’m crying like a big baby!
  • @halesjade One Tree Hill really stomped all over my heart tonight. So many tears. I feel like I had my own closure with Dan Scott. #OTH
  • @AprilPrice I can’t believe Dan is dead I really love him now! #oth
  • @Kat_Myers15 Wow. Depressing but good #OTH episode. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the final two eps.
  • @tayloriscool Literally cried that entire episode of #oth. sad and happy tears

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