TV Twitter Reactions: Touch 1×02 “Safety in Numbers”

Fans react to the second episode of Touch, the new drama on Fox starring Keifer Sutherland.

  • @kristimingo I’m really into the show #touch #global #kiefer
  • @fernz_ Yeah that’s the Jack Bauer I know!!! Oh wait.. #touch
  • @DannyQuint I seriously think tonight’s episode of #Touch was just VERY emotional. 8D
  • @MattZaccaglin Some how i know all these people in #Touch are going to all be connected in some way…..
  • @Max_Barba #Touch is such a good show!
  • @AlineBouDiwan #Touch is getting increasingly interesting. It helps having Kiefer Sutherland and Danny Glover on the same show.
  • @Luketdavis27 Touch is my new favorite show #touch
  • @Bigempty Keifer is a pretty crappy Dad in the show #Touch He lets his kid do whatever he wants and his son never listens.
  • @CallieAnn96 Watchingg #touch I love this show #OMG
  • @BlakeGrsh #touch is a hella weird show.
  • @saraha860 #Touch is such a good show. #chills
  • @MARIEisRukia #Touch..looks promising. that boy’s power is creeping me out.
  • @Melaaaa_27 #touch is officially my favorite show (:
  • @GroovyYoungster This show makes no sense #touch
  • @EricaJoi Although I’m confused as hell… Touch is such a good show! #Touch
  • @tati5541 This show #Touch has me so entertained right now. #iloveit
  • @madhippz Thiss show is blowing my mindd!!!! #touch #fox
  • @mzsquared #Touch is so strange and captivating.
  • @AJtheRealest15 #touch is the greatest tv show since 24
  • @DarFTW PLOT TWIST! #Touch
  • @jennyyanderson Oh my gosh. I somehow forgot how much I love Danny Glover.#touch #theman
  • @GordonVasquez #Touch hmmmm not sure on this show i keep thinking Jack Bauer..i hate to think so hard when watching TV
  • @Happymomma1978 Just watched #Touch. What a great show. Can’t wait til next week. Love how it connects everything.
  • @dragonx_hd #touch is an awesome show. Watch it! lol
  • @josueh93 Watching #touch. Pretty interesting.
  • @withersteam #touch is a great new series
  • @JoelMDelgado #Touch is going to be the best show of 2012. Welcome back to television, Kiefer Sutherland!
  • @CerebrumChaos Loved #Touch it was awesome!!! Can’t wait for next week!!!

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