TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 4×15 “A Short About Love”

Fringe returned this week after a long hiatus and did not disappoint.

  • @actorpat TV like tonight’s #FRINGE = why I’m an #actor. Such great storytelling! 🙂
  • @carz005 in a word? amazing #fringe#WhereYouBelong
  • @Ozfishinla Loved tonight’s episode of Fringe. Emotionally rich and satisfying. And true love DOES conquer all. #Fringe
  • @CatBane_Rises #Fringe… Tonight’s episode emphatically validated why my Hunger must wait to be quenched. I hope I’m not alone. #WhereYouBelong
  • @wholovestv #Fringe is always so incredibly well written, it’s sort of mind boggling.#stayforevershow
  • @DCSSVT Dear #Fringe – Thank you. That is all.
  • @mdelc last 5 min of tonite’s ep made my chest hurt-in a good way *sniff*#Fringe#imsucharomantic
  • @CortexiFan All scenes between Olivia and Nina tears me up! Aaww… I really like this mother-daughter relationship. #WhereYouBelong#Fringe
  • @hollywoodjane Oh, #Fringe, I love you so. #WhereYouBelong#YouBelongWithMeLove the ‘official hashtag’ callback!
  • @ScottTDaley #fringe was freaking incredible! Wow. This show never fails to impress.
  • @himynameisnick Great episode of #Fringe I knew it!
  • @Starbuck7121 I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!!!!! ARRRRRGHHH!!!!!! #Fringe#WhereYouBelong
  • @TerryLightfoot Oh Walter!! NOT with the same hand you just.. Ohh, eeeew! .. gah…#Fringe
  • @modemlooper Hmm, that #Fringe ending felt like a series finale.
  • @onemorebiteblog Haven’t watched #Fringe in forever – totally mesmerized by tonight’s pheromones episode, but super confused by ending
  • @nikittyler Fringe continues to be the best show on television, Thank you to everyone who works on @FRINGEonFOX❤ #Fringe

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