TV Twitter Reactions: The Good Wife 3×19 “Blue Ribbon Panel”

Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Sunday’s The Good Wife ended on a delicious cliffhanger. Read what fans had to say about it.

  • @lilnerdette That scene with the phone call and the elevator…my head is reeling.#TheGoodWife
  • @bajanalphagal #TheGoodWife was awesome!!!! Can’t wait for the next one
  • @alohajodes OMG! I KNEW it had to be PETER! #thegoodwife She’s gonna kill him
  • @timecake Eeeep I love this show sfm! #TheGoodWife
  • @ActsofFaithblog @GoodWifeWriters Bravo for one of your best episodes. Oh man!#thegoodwife
  • @Kiki1788 Please tell me you guys where LMAO during that ending of#TheGoodWife???
  • @friendsita Awesome ep! #TheGoodWife [back to study]
  • @Lindygeek They’re ending #TheGoodWife like that?! I won’t be satisfied till Jackie + Alisha throw down in an old school Dynasty girl fight!
  • @themadlibs Wow, what an episode of #thegoodwife
  • @Balancingme218 hat ending on #thegoodwife blowed!
  • @Broadanderie Those writers sure do know how to leave us hangin’ #thegoodwife
  • @lrhogan So, I love #TheGoodWife, but why the hell does every ep have to emphatically end on an Alicia v. Some other female, catfight-y cliffhanger?
  • @Bad_Fluffy Anyone else heard the music from Jaws as Alicia was coming for Jackie at the end there? #TheGoodWife
  • @ohhhcait Matthew Perry was great on #TheGoodWife. And ugh, Jackie is the worst.
  • @thelaststop1983 Jackie is about to get walked like a dog. My girl Alicia is having a bad day. #TheGoodWife
  • @MaxineDakota #THEGOODWIFE showdown with Jackie…awww not until the next episode.
  • @okMyCastingCall #TheGoodWife is the bomb!!!! Amazing episode!
  • @vdebolt It’s brilliant how we’re getting to see more of Alicia’s emotions lately.#theGoodWife
  • @soundbyte53 Smokin episode of #TheGoodWife tonight,

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